Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • 2nyRiggz
    Mar 23, 05:21 AM
    Aww man cooking mama sucks smelly friend got it and wants to toss it out the window. I took it off his hands and I tried getting into it but it blows...big disappointment.


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  • DewGuy1999
    May 6, 08:17 PM
    What kind of ports are used for each graphic card and it's corresponding monitor, ie, DVI-to-DVI, etc.? Have you tried different video cables?

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  • stroked
    Apr 23, 08:32 AM
    it's not a huge deal but i didn't want to be wasting her money on nba jam :P

    i got the gift card for a reason. guess i could just give her a ten when she comes back from belgium if apple doesn't do anything

    I like that. You come up with your solution.

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  • zeroh3ro
    Dec 25, 05:15 AM
    I second this motion.

    i might as well third this :P


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  • Sir_Giggles
    Dec 31, 02:14 AM
    Spymac forums are just plain lousy.

    You get alot of those smoking smiley-only posts. Those drive me nuts. They just do it to get high post counts, so they can become Detective or some **** like that.

    Spymac mods should get rid of all that ********... its stuff like that that I don't bother posting comments or posts of any significant nature. I deleted Spymac from my bookmarks. That site has become overladen with useless drab graphics and cheesy sales pitches.

    I think the only redeeming quality of Spymac is the presence of JuicyApple, but that's about it.

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  • Nameci
    Apr 16, 10:01 PM
    It is called kernel panic. The hardware may not be compatible with your Mac.


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  • Anonymous Freak
    Oct 1, 03:33 PM
    Hey everyone I'm not sure if this is the right section for this, so if it isn't please point me in the right direction.
    Anyhow I recently "found" a Macintosh TV, did a fresh install of System 7.1, hooked up my Genesis and... it seems like I'm missing half the frames per second. Both RF and video in have the same problem.
    I've changed the very limited options in both TV Setup and Monitors and I still have the same problem. Will installing 7.6 change anything or am I stuck missing half the frames?

    EDIT: Ok it's not half the frames missing but it's still noticeable. Also is there a way to adjust the picture quality, the video in is extremely blurry with multicolored artifacts everywhere.

    It sounds as if the TV tuner card may be having issues. The way it works in that system is that the TV tuner card does *ALL* of work. It then throws the video over the digitally-rendered content from the Mac OS. The analog video cannot be 'captured' on a Macintosh TV, and cannot be manipulated at all within the OS; so the OS is irrelevant. It's a piece of hardware slapping the video live as it comes in over the computer graphics. Any "slowdown" is purely in the hardware tuner.

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  • That-Is-Bull
    Oct 26, 10:00 PM
    I'm still backing up my system with SuperDuper, forgot to start it before I left. This is my first time upgrading OS X, kinda nervous.


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  • Ozix
    May 6, 11:53 PM
    Hey all,

    Long time listener first time caller, err I mean poster. I bought my first MacBook Pro (early 17", 2.3GHz, 8GB ram, anti-glare) in March and absolutely love it! Anyway the new iMacs were announced (as I'm sure everyone is aware of lol) and I started thinking about getting an iMac as my main machine and selling my 17" MBP. I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan so this wouldn't be until July when we get back, but a friend is ready to buy my 17, in fact we've already worked out a good price for both us of :D

    So now the only thing left to decide is, do I get the 2.7GHz 13 inch, or the 2.0GHz 15 inch. I priced the 13" at $1748 ($1499 base + $249 AppleCare) versus the 15" (lower end model) at $2298 ($1799 base + $150 for hi-res anti-glare + $349 AppleCare). I'm gonna upgrade the RAM and HDDs myself, (getting an OptiBay, 256GB c300, and 750GB Scorpio Black for the new laptop too lol) so the cost for that is gonna be the same regardless of which model I get. I also like the idea of being able to just walk into an Apple Store and leaving with my new laptop, do they normally stock the hi-res anti-glare 15"?

    I'd mostly be using the laptop while traveling (or deploying again lol), I use Aperture regularly (check out my Photography site at and may occasionally use Final Cut Express. Am I gonna miss the real estate on a 13" MBP, especially coming from a 17"? Also is the dedicated graphics, extra screen and quad core worth $550 over the 13?

    Thanks for taking a look!

    552nd Military Police Co - U.S. Army
    Kandahar, Afghanistan - OEF '10-'11

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  • Billicus
    Jul 9, 05:26 PM
    I'd be cautious. Either the PB had a malufunction and doesn't work right or it's a scam. Although, I don't have much experience with eBay so it could be legit. Is there a way to track a persons buying/selling record?


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  • s2dio
    Apr 24, 02:50 PM
    Does anyone have the manual for the 11" MBA ? Great Post ! :D

    Since the 11" and 13" are almost identical, I suppose that the technician guide mentioned here applies to both.

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  • chrisbetty
    May 5, 09:37 AM
    Airplay, yes.
    Home sharing streaming to the phone from iTunes, no. That needs 4.3.x.
    Come on Apple, get a move on!! :mad:

    That's what I want is the home sharing I have no use for airplay right now.


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  • j763
    Jul 11, 02:15 AM
    I'll be heading to the Capitola store after work (5pm-ish). Hope they won't sell out. At least this in-store activation nonsense will stop people from buying to resell on ebay.

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  • gr8tfly
    Apr 28, 08:01 PM
    Try starting in "safe" mode by holding down the shift key on startup. Then, you should be able to install the update to 10.1.5.

    I'm curious as to what model iMac that is. 10.1 is very old, and really was the first useable version of OS-X. You should try and upgrade to a bare minimum of 10.2 (Jaguar), but the latest version that will run on your model would probable be best.

    10.3 (Panther) would be the lowest I would recommend; 10.4 (Tiger) even better (I'm making a guess your model is below the minimum spec to run Leopard, 10.5.).


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  • cubist
    Mar 20, 09:21 AM
    We are in a time of transition. Soon, there will be dozens of USB/DVI KVMs which work perfectly. At this time, though, KVMs are mostly VGA/PS2.

    You can get adapters which convert PS2 to USB and the other way quite cheaply. I've used an old Master Console for years this way. I must note, however, that I wasn't able to get the Apple keyboard to talk to the Master Console with a USB-to-PS2 adapter. Newer models may work better.

    The best bet might be to use one of the little $90 jobs temporarily, and plan to get a new KVM in a year or two when better models are available. If you can't get the Apple KB to work thru an adapter, make sure you get a PS2 keyboard that has the Windows key, as that will become your cloverleaf key. F12 is eject.

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  • Interstella5555
    Apr 10, 01:04 PM
    You mean do I respond to overblown media hysteria and people who don't really understand how cell phones work? No, not really.


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  • rdowns
    Aug 25, 04:44 AM

    Damn, brings back memories. I was a reseller back in the day and had a lot of those things and got rid of them. I had on of these and gave it away. Facepalm.

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  • Godzilla71
    Aug 21, 09:18 PM
    I have picked up some pretty good deals on Ebay and almost all of them were in great shape. :)

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  • profets
    Mar 24, 12:19 PM
    Any idea if usually it's any better than lining up in downtown?

    Not sure. Only time I was there was for iPhone 4 last year and lines were insane. Really have nothing to compare it to lol.

    Apr 26, 01:54 PM
    your a typical new mac user. you just cant get enought of them. what stuff do you have to do on the hp, virtual pc may be a suitable solution for you. i do too miss the game like you too. unfourtantly the games i play they dont make for consoles, so i have to have a pc too.


    Nov 16, 02:09 PM
    Am I the only one that's getting tired of Google charity ads interfering with my ability to edit posts?

    They effectively block the response buttons and I end up having to cancel edits to my posts.


    zea mays
    Jun 28, 01:06 PM
    Got the socks! Thanks for the fast shipping and great transaction.

    Apr 16, 09:51 AM
    **Kernal Panic Issue I THINK?***

    Hi I am having issues with my White Apple Macbook 13" 2.4ghz late 2008 model...One of the macbook memory slots is damaged but the other one is good...It runs fine and all before until now... How do I fix this and salvage this mac? I took apart my macbook and I found out that the adhesive on the macbook CPU + Heatsink is look...I can not screw in any of the screws to the heat sink as it does not fit because it dosent seem the case has any screw holes in it ( I just replaced the bottom housing)...

    What do I need to buy the make the gray adhesive under the heat sink and on the CPU it self to make it stick? Will it fix the "shut down / restart " (kernal panic screen issue? )

    **I have attached pictures for you guys to see. Let me know what I need to do...thank you..**

    Apr 29, 12:55 PM
    It�s been a very long time until any news in and around unlocks is out now. During 3g, 3gs, the unlocks were very quick. On the IP4, the wait was around the latest release of the 4.3. Now we are 4.3.1. I believe 4.3.1 has changed the baseband again to a new algorithm. I'm not sure if they will hang on for some time with the new algorithm or release the unlock.

    I just went for a short business trip and used data roaming which costs about 19.95 an MB. Trip was sudden and I didn't have the time to purchase the rebel or gevey.

    In my opinion it is wrong in AT&T's part to not genuinely unlock the iPhone when there are legitimate users satisfying the contract. In any case they have an early termination fee any ways.

    Instead of us pursing the dev team, we should start an online petition to enable AT&T unlocking the iPhone legally.

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