Thursday, June 30, 2011

target dog

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  • hibworker
    05-07 05:21 PM
    We did the exact same thing. We informed officer that my wife's Extension is pending, he said that's fine and gave her I-94 valid for 40 days (time remaining on her H4 visa).

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  • Anders �stberg
    February 5th, 2005, 03:12 AM
    Agree on the eye, it's important to see that, and have a little catchlight for making the animal look alive. Only problem with the first shot is the branch behind the head. It's blurred a bit which helps though. The background is difficult to control - you take what you get many times with animals and birds.

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  • rajeev_74
    04-20 08:18 PM
    Can we ask for a new legislation that will allow for complete portabilty after i-140 approval? If this is achieved I don't think retrogression/insufficient Visa#'s would be a big deal.

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  • arif
    03-05 08:20 PM
    I'm in H1B visa and my visa was valid until 26th October , 2012. Recently, I went Bangladesh and US embassy stamped visa until October 23, 2011. When I returned US, Immigration office issued me I-94 validity until September 23, 2011. Now how long I can stay in US?? Do I need to apply for H1B visa extension or I will go to Canada or Mexico to apply for new visa or if I go to Canada or Mexico and return back, they will issue me a new I-94 until Sep/Oct 2012. Any one please suggest what should I do?


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  • kanshul
    05-19 07:54 AM
    I am in the same situation.. send docs to Dallas lockbox.

    Applied for EAD renewal and documents reached on May7th.. checks not cased yet. I think the whole lockbox is creating the delays but one they get to your application it is relatively quick.

    Do let me know when your checks are cased.

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  • gc_hanged
    01-20 10:22 AM
    I just posted our issue of Legal Immigration in "Discuss" section of this news at yahoo news. Because these Groups are only raising the issue of Illegal Immigration Reform.
    Here is the direct link:;_ylt=Ais126qg1vwFi9n0Md63Vfq yFz4D;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--

    Please highlight our cause in most popular media like c-span, msn news/blogs and many more


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  • lazycis
    10-18 05:39 PM
    Unfortunately that's how it usually works - dependants' NC is cleared quickly, but the primary applicant's NC is not. Dependants cannot get approvals ahead of the primary applicant. So the whole family is forced to pay for EAD and AP extensions. Talk about generating revenue...

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  • sparky63
    February 26th, 2005, 07:17 PM
    Maybe if it were wolf tracks or bears or something dangerous.
    ... especially if the wolf or bear were standing at the end of the tracks, looking back over its shoulder (from a safe distance, of course!]. That would make an interesting shot.


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  • gkp.gaurav
    07-13 09:37 AM
    Very very clever. This one is my personal favorite...Great job!


    Thanks MagicFlasher and FrostBite :)

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  • gc_dreamer_485
    10-24 01:24 PM
    Do you know what was the message on the rejection notice for your friend?


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  • styrum
    04-03 03:31 PM
    When submitting online you get a generated 9089 form in a PDF file, complete with the case number in it.

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  • checklaw
    11-20 09:34 AM
    Thanks for the reply.

    Where does 1099 fit in in the above list?

    Are there any benefits of one over the other?

    Definitions :

    Independent Contractor :



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  • nihar
    11-27 11:48 PM
    :mad:I have another query and thats is i have a a far related cousin and her husband is on l1 visa . now my query is what visa is she on and what visa is her daughter on who was born here few months bak . also how shud she apply for a passport for this kid . is this kid an american citizen and also how to go about passport for the kid and also is it required to apply for visa for the kid to travel to India . Another serious issue she is been illtreated by her husband and how should she report this matter to the local police here .

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  • lazycis
    10-17 12:06 PM
    Thank you! Hopefully 8c/page is not big money for me.

    All you need is History/Documents report to check upon the status. So that's 8c per case. Opinions are free in PACER.


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  • aamirzeeshan
    07-02 01:00 PM
    If wife name is not mentioned what is the consequence?
    I just checked mine, my wife name was mentioned but my son wasnt, and we applied his 485 without any problems, so i think you should not have any problems as long as you file her 485 with marriage certificate before your 485 is approved.

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  • sanan
    06-15 08:53 AM
    I would do it separately
    Good Luck
    Hi All,

    I got RFE on 485(field in Dec 2004) in last month for TB Skin test and employement letter. My PD is not current but INS is processing my application. I am waiting for physical notice from attorney. I have dependent whose AOS is not filed now I can not file due to retrogression.

    With July bulletin my PD becomes current I am ready to file AOS to my dependent. Offcourse not sure that once I submitted to attorney how soon he will send to USCIS.

    I have question that which one is best option to file dependet's AOS?

    Submit dependent's AOS with evidences to RFE ? Means in same cover?
    Submit dependent's AOS and evidences to RFE separatley?

    Please advise.



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  • gcpool
    05-17 01:45 PM
    Contact a good lawyer to do so. You can use EB3 priority date in EB2

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  • Santosh_gc
    07-19 03:36 PM
    Hi all:

    I entered the country on Advance Parole and so now I am on EAD status because of that.

    I am on my 8th year of extension. My H1B was valid till 2009 but now it is not because of my EAD. Its been more than a year since I applied for 485 and My I-140 has been approved.

    Q.1 Can I join another employer based on a new H1B so as to reinstate my H1B status? I plan to file for AC21 if I change employers.

    Q.2 Can I apply for a new H1B with my CURRENT employer based on my current job?

    I would really appreciate your input.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Ann Ruben
    08-08 11:46 AM
    It is possible to "interfile" in this situation, (See AFM Sec. 23.2(l) Transferring an Adjustment of Status Application from One Underlying Eligibility Basis to Another).

    However, I do not think you can successfully interfile until your wife's 2010 PD is current. ( See AFM Sec. 23.2(l)(2)(L) The Priority Date must Be Current for the Basis to Which the Applicant Wishes to Convert).

    10-27 12:49 PM
    This is same rule in MN too. My wife extend her H4 with dirver license. You need to get her H1b approval first and then renew her license with new H1b Expiration Date. Hope this will help.



    06-10 01:12 AM
    We had applied for an extension of my in-laws visa, and it got rejected. Is there any way we can appeal this decision?
    Also, they are here a day past their I-94 expiration. Will their multiple entry visas be cancelled? They will leave within 30 days time past their I-94 expiration.
    Many thanks

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