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  • ranand00
    08-28 12:12 AM
    Hi company A applied for my H1 in april 1st week.
    they have got 2 rfe so far and now i am not interested in working with them(they also dont seem interested in replying to the 2nd rfe)
    Another company is interested in filing my h1b.
    what is the safest way to go about doing this.
    should i let company B know that i filed with company A before.
    Also will there be any problem in getting H1b approved because of my earlier filing

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  • scorpion
    07-11 11:49 PM
    If you have provided your email in AR-11 then you will get confirmation.

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  • freddyCR
    January 3rd, 2005, 01:30 PM
    Thanks. How about this ?


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  • cool_desi_gc
    01-13 06:06 AM
    Did you send an email to uscis ? can u please share the address and did they finall send you the document ? How long did it take for you ?


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  • abhishek101
    01-25 02:25 PM
    The only think illegal is not deporting all the illegals who broke the law. If a country cannot have fait in its Govt to enforce the law and take care of all the people breaking the law then it is illegal.

    So OBAMA wake up deport all the illegals and do the legal thing.

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  • santa123
    11-03 12:03 AM
    Hello IVians,

    I am with company A on L1B in the US. Company B is processing my GC for future employment. Now my L1B is up for renewal in December. There is a lot of paperwork that my company has asked me work on. In one of the questionnaires, I am asked if my labor / 140 / 485 is pending. I don't know what to answer.

    Does any of the forms for L1B renewal needs this info? Will it be an issue if I say no? Does USCIS really care?

    Pls share your experiences.



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  • harrydr
    05-11 09:59 PM
    Wait time for spouse to get a green card as a derivative from you would be apporximately 5 years since you already have your green card now. the best option is to wait for to get your US citizenship and them apply for your spouse and in that case the max. wait time os only 3-6 months. Hoep this helps.

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  • Pasquale
    04-01 12:33 AM
    *cricket chirp*



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  • sss9i
    03-01 10:46 AM
    I can recapture only for 07/18/2006 to 08/16/2006. i.e only 29 days.

    Atty Said ,It is fine to write 6/30/2010;The LCA can be for a longer period of time than that which is requested in the I-129 petition � it just can never be for a shorter period of time.
    Thanks in Advance.

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  • Michael chertoff
    08-01 09:08 PM
    Please close the thread if it is non sence.

    Just thaugt to have a idea about how many people have missed this opprtunity.

    MY PD is EB2 June 7 2006.



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  • nat23
    05-24 08:24 PM
    r u guys sure that u arent reading the text introduced by Harry Reid? This is last years Bill...the one they are debating is from Kennedy....

    Compare it with CIR of last year and if they are same then you are looking at the wrong one.

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  • TexDBoy
    10-14 02:58 AM
    For EB2, only 2 months movement ... from (01 April 03) to (01 June 03)
    For Eb3, only 3 months ... from (01 July 01) to (01 October 01)

    Sad ... looks like wait is going to be much longer than predicted ...


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  • npk445
    10-11 12:45 AM
    Thanks for reply...
    do we need to file any other form along with i-130.
    like i-864 or is this needed at a later stages.?

    Thanx in advance

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  • pappu
    08-21 02:01 PM
    This is a good idea. Pls wait for some time. We are all focussing on the rally.


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  • Prashanthi
    03-26 05:49 PM
    Should not be a problem, your wife can work for another company, you can work part time for another company as long as you are working for the petitioner also.


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  • sjhugoose
    February 12th, 2004, 11:11 AM
    Minolta is about to enter the fray with a new DSLR. Get the story here (http://www.dphoto.us/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=171&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0).

    Congrats all Minolta users, I know you've been waiting for this for a long time!

    I hope this is a winner, I really liked Minolta cause they ALWAYs gave the most camera at the best price. And their film cameras always screamed of class!

    Lets hope this camera can live up to my expectations, I just don't know how that image stabilization will work.



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  • jonnotman
    02-10 11:50 AM
    Dear Fellow Posters

    After 12 months of toil I have finally completed the narrative and evidence that I need for an EB-1a (Extraordinary Alien) application. I ab about to complete the I-140 paperwork to go with it.

    My questions is this - I have contacted a small number of Immigration attorneys who have quoted me approx $6000 for the whole process. How many of you value think that USCIS would look at my application more favourably if I used a reputed attorney rathen than putting in my own application and paperwork ?

    Thanks in anticpation of your replies


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  • oliTwist
    12-09 07:28 AM
    Hi All,

    I have a strange issue, paining me since I have joined this new company, ( I am using AC21, since I am on EAD and AC21 is not yet filed). I am one of those unlucky fellows with really long name(First Name) stuck on my passport, and I have been using this all along, as my legal name while applying for visa/485 related activities. However, I go by the last part of the First Name and so all my other records here (like DL, SSN card, Bank Accounts, 401K account, etc) have got the last part of the First Name as my first name.My H1-B visa had the complete first name printed on it, and so I have been thinking, people could see that the name I have been using is in the last part of the complete First Name on the Visa and Passport.

    However, in the EAD card, the name got cut(or incomplete) as the entire first name could not be printed on it. When I showed this to the new employer, they are using the name as displayed on the EAD card(which is not what I go by) in all the accounts they are establishing, like Paycheck, 401K info, ESPP etc.

    Now I am in a soup, I have requested them to use the last part of the first name, which they are chcking with their immigration lawyers. But in the meanwhile, I want to know, does any one has this kind of problem. What should we do if the name is incomplete on the printed EAD card? (Ofcourse once I get GC, I would rather change this damn name)

    Any one has any ideas?


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  • freddyCR
    March 9th, 2005, 12:16 PM
    Thanks for your suggestions.
    It is from our mistakes, that we learn.

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    04-16 03:10 PM
    Hey new to kirupa saw the stamp thing figured id throw something up here. not sure if it meets the guidlines or not but ill leave that for you to decide. later.

    10-23 07:14 PM
    look at swift 3d website (http://www.swift3d.com) there are pretty good tutorials about every function :)

    05-25 10:33 AM
    Choose Option (B)

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