Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • sparkleytone
    Jul 6, 10:20 PM
    with most cable modems, this is fixed simply by completely unplugging the cable modem and then plugging it in while its connected to the airport.

    i spent a few minutes rummaging through the pdf's for airport extreme and failed to find documentation on a simple function it SHOULD have. if it doesnt, then i won't buy the one i had been planning for. this is the ability to change/clone its MAC address. this would enable you to 'fake' the address of the computer that was already receiving the IP. can someone confirm whether or not its there?

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  • Tallest Skil
    Jun 5, 12:59 PM
    Oh, dear. It's Monday. It's WWDC. We don't know. There won't be an iPod touch.

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  • AFPoster
    Feb 21, 01:41 PM
    omg, all this to work at a friggin retail store?!?! I thought you were applying for work at 1 Infinite Loop or something and "creative" meaning you were designing products... someone explain to me why would anyone want to work at a mall store?

    It's not just a mall store, Apple is nothing like any other mall store. First no mall stores offer full benefits & retirement packages to there employee's only managers and above. Second the benefits and hands on training is incredible and they use you and train you so that you will be ready to work at 1 Infinity Loop or Maden, NC at the billion dollar facility. Plus they give you all the training in the world to be a teacher, educate another, work for other companies using Mac products and the list goes on and on. Yes they have an intense application process but once you're in with Apple you connections will never seise to grow. The atmosphere as well is fun, exciting and different than any other store.

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  • sine-nomine
    May 4, 08:22 PM
    Ah ok, I didn't remember seeing it there a few months ago. Thanks for the info and for the quick reply!


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  • bousozoku
    Dec 6, 12:38 PM
    All of my browsers regularly freeze on MySpace. I regularly get a "playlist not valid" or some error like that because apparently the WMP 10 has a different format and since WMP9 for Mac was only available months after WMP10 for Windows, it doesn't know anything about the other. :rolleyes: I suppose we should be thankful that we have WMP9 at all.

    Anyway, from my experience you can't get things to work unless you use Windows. Apparently, Tom, the main person in charge uses a PowerBook to work on the site but everything is running on Windows NT 4. At least, I see the error messages for NT 4 once a month.

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  • michaelltd
    Mar 28, 10:05 PM
    Wasn't this the map that was available for download ever since the game came out?


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  • wwooden
    Apr 16, 09:47 AM
    If I didn't have a 360 already, I would buy the Elite instead of the premium. For $80 you can future proof yourself more and pretty much never worry about disk space constraints. I'm not going to go out and sell my 360 and get the Elite now, I am very happy with my setup now and all my controllers/accessories are white.

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  • John T
    May 1, 05:08 PM
    What does Get Info tell you?

    Click it and see :)


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  • trainguy77
    Nov 12, 01:18 PM
    Intel only.... @#%$&*!

    well at least we know have a client to fold with.....Before we had to fold in rosetta.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 20, 07:57 AM
    But, if you have mobility in mind you'd need the computer to be a notebook and work with a limited screen size or add an external display .... but then there's the plugging/unplugging all day, files need to be kept in sync...

    What's your setup like, one computer or two, how do you use them?

    One Macbook Air. No files to keep in sync since I don't have many computers and an external monitor isn't a problem. Of course if Apple knew how to make docks, it would be even easier, but it's not like plugging in 3 wires is sooooo much of a pain.

    Having many computers is more of a pain than it's worth.


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  • Colp
    Mar 25, 04:46 PM
    Still no scanner support for MP600.....

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  • SmilesLots
    Apr 14, 03:40 PM
    Can you still see all your RAM? Is there anything running in the background like Seti@Home and so on?

    All the ram is there. No seti's. Thanks.


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  • iJohnHenry
    Feb 27, 10:13 AM
    Very good point on the friend of marriage thing. Britney Spears is pretty clearly a very big friend of marriage.

    When the number gets that large, I believe you would call her a hooker??

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  • flosseR
    Apr 26, 01:51 AM
    Initial things I have noticed where L3 has the edge over A3:

    � Lens correction. I am an UWA junky, especially during the reception on the dancefloor. Being able to apply a preset correction to all my UWA shots is a godsend.
    � NOISE! I did some side by side comparisons of the noise removal tools, and L3 blows it out of the water. ESPECIALLY in darker OOF areas.
    � Consistency. L3 "just works" as far as I can tell.
    � I hate having my raw files constrained in a "Library" file in A3. Love the desktop hierarchy system in L3.

    Hmm I don't have my RAWs in a Library at all in Aperture... as a matter of fact most of the time mine aren't even connected or online. Noise I have to give you... that is true.

    Sorry to hear about your experience but well.. ***** happens I guess :)

    GHood luck with LR. I tried twice to move to luck. While it has some compelling features, the whole layout is just fubared and with the price that A3 costs plus ptlens and noise ninja you get better tools that LR at a lower price :).. that is if you buy it, which most people dont :)


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  • 2002cbr600f4i
    Jun 27, 07:13 PM
    Well, there may be lines, but unless apple manages to get enough to AT&T to cover all the pre-orders and then some, it might all be for naught...

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  • Mutinygraphiks
    Jan 9, 12:20 PM
    try the knife or scissor tool and cut the selection you would like.


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  • TheMacMaster
    May 2, 08:16 PM
    sorry about that just was realy annoyed about my mac. and i will create my own in future thanks for help:apple:

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  • The.316
    Dec 24, 03:35 PM

    And no, not a cat, per say :D

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  • daryliow
    Jun 22, 01:53 PM
    What do you reckon the stock levels will be? 10 maybe? Five 16gb and five 32gb?

    Dec 16, 04:45 PM
    Ok, as of today there are no iPod minis at Circuit City or Sharper Image (at least here in Phoenix anyway) and I had found one on PowerMax's website, but they were already sold out of them before I could order one. I had started a deal with another member here, but his unit needed the battery replaced and couldn't have it done and sent to me before next Thursday (that's when I need it). So that said, is there anyone else here who would like to sell me their iPod mini (any color)? If there are any takers, I can send you money via PayPal today if you can ship it today or tomorrow.

    pm replied to!

    Mar 26, 01:02 PM
    Honestly, what are the biggest risks of JBing an iPad? As much as I want the benefits, I can't afford a new one if I were to do anything irreversible to this one.

    The biggest risk is you'll follow the advise of a jerk that doesn't even have an iPad, and believes he has all the answers..., in my opinion.

    The iPad depends on flash memory, and flash memory has a limited number of write cycles, there is always a possibility that any memory upgrade will brick your device, but Apple uses pretty darn good flash memory, and I've yet to do it in over four years of jail breaking...

    I will acknowledge it is not for everyone, and there is some risk involved. I've been convinced that I've bricked my unit more than once, yet I've always managed to recover it. Part of that just depends on how stubborn one is. How well one can read and follow directions.

    Ideally you have a friend who can help you jailbreak the first time, kind of walk you through it, but even without such a friend it is possible to do it without issues.

    Sep 4, 05:06 AM
    Looks like they removed the WINE GPU Folding references in their forum...

    May 4, 11:33 PM
    Can any of the 2011 iMac owners check if any of the components in their newly bought iMac operate underclocked?

    Apple has, in the past, been known to do this to maintain a certain power consumption or thermal level.

    This could explain some of the "low" scores we are seeing of late.

    nope they are fine and stock CPUs

    2.5Ghz/2.7Ghz i5s are 65watts and good performance CPUs

    May 6, 06:40 PM
    So I'm looking into a new iMac and my budget is 1500 so I'm wonder whether to get the 2.5 ghz and get some ram from OWC or just go with the 2.7 ghz please help me decide

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