Thursday, June 2, 2011

panama hat fedora

panama hat fedora. FEDORA TOYO PANAMA HAT

  • mrblack927
    Mar 16, 07:24 AM

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  • iRach
    May 2, 12:12 PM
    Is that a brushed metal back I spy? I much prefer the coloured backs :( I like the shape though.

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  • Bernard SG
    May 6, 09:58 AM
    I have a 3 years 21" and I still give it a 8/10.
    So a 2011 Sandy bridge at the same price point? Hell, yeah!

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  • vibelife
    Dec 19, 08:36 AM
    I'm still not sure if I can make it to MWSF, but if I do, I'll definitely be at the meetup.

    Me too!!


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  • Moof1904
    Feb 23, 07:58 PM
    I guess I'm even more lame in Terminal than I thought. The volume name is "New Volume" and I'm having trouble changing to the correct directory. Terminal keeps telling me No such file or directory.

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  • John.B
    Dec 26, 01:08 AM
    If only they would fix URLs in events/appointments; iCal supports them, MobileMe does not.

    I'll bet the only reason these most recent updates happened was because people complained about where was deficient. Make you voice heard, we'll all benefit.


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  • brucem91
    Apr 11, 11:10 PM
    Get the Crucial 1333MHz, as you need that speed definitely for your iMac, and I assume your laptop uses it as well. If your laptop uses the slower speed, it will not work in your iMac

    According to a google result when I typed in the Ram Model part that CPU-Z told me, the Ram in my Dell is 1066. So for a fact this won't work in my iMac at all, even those it is the same 204-pin ddr3 ram?

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  • jupiteroot
    Apr 20, 10:11 AM
    this one is listed as being specifically for the samsung HS12UHE

    after many fruitless ebay searches i located this by searching "SATA LIF"


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  • twoodcc
    Apr 15, 09:06 PM
    i downloaded fah for 10.5, i have 10.6, than system preferences, folding, start (with anonymus), and i have no screen saver or window application, why dosnt it? how do i get it started? :confused:

    i suggest you read the documentation here (

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  • Duff-Man
    Mar 31, 08:08 PM
    I don't know why TechCrunch is claiming this is an "internal GM", maybe they know something I don't, but as it stands it seems they are just causing confusion.

    Duff-Man says....I suspect that someone just misunderstood or misinterpreted something they heard or were told. Perhaps what was said regarding which build to release as the 2nd preview got twisted into being *the* GM release....oh yeah!


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  • zeroh3ro
    Dec 28, 05:45 AM

    Just kidding.. But no, seriously.


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  • alex00100
    Apr 13, 09:05 AM
    hello forum.
    i was going to buy 27" apple cinema display in a few months. but i saw that it has "Buy only if you need it - Approaching the end of a cycle" status in buyer's guide. i dont really need it so much and i can wait.
    so when can it get updated? i havnt heard any rumors about it. and what is going to get improved?


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  • MacDawg
    Mar 19, 08:32 AM
    It is a feature that is requested often, but my understanding is that it is not currently available in vBulletin

    There are several threads on this, like this one (

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 24, 12:50 AM
    I still fold on my Radeon HD 4830. I'll be trying the SMP client under Windows later today.

    oh okay. i've only heard bad things about the SMP windows client though


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  • MacNorway
    Oct 5, 08:37 PM
    9. What does the settlement provide?
    NVIDIA has agreed to provide a replacement of the NVIDIA GPU or MCP to Class Members who purchased certain versions of some Dell, Inc. or Apple Inc. notebook computers that contain an NVIDIA chip and who send in a valid Claim Form and appropriate supporting documentation.

    NVIDIA has also agreed to provide a fund in the amount of $2,000,000 to provide reimbursements if you purchased a version of one of the notebook computer models identified in the Full Notice that contains an NVIDIA GPU or MCP during the dates listed in the Full Notice experienced certain identified symptoms, and have appropriate documentation proving that you paid to have the notebook computer repaired. The amount of reimbursement may depend on the number of reimbursement claims received.

    (note: edited down for clarity)

    22. How will the lawyers be paid?
    Class Counsel will ask the Court for attorneys’ fees and expenses in the amount of $13,000,000. NVIDIA will pay Class Counsel’s fees and expenses. These amounts will not come out of any funds for payments to Class Members. NVIDIA has agreed not to oppose these fees and expenses.

    So, the buyers gets a new chip and a split on the 2 mill... the lawyers get $13 mill... HOW many hours did you say they worked?

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  • has the

  • Consultant
    Mar 28, 12:21 PM
    Stock accounts typically need social security number I believe.



  • iTunes-Luv
    Apr 15, 09:13 AM
    Nicely done.
    Wondering if you can make an angry bird version, something like this.
    Will be a special gift this Xmas

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  • JoeG4
    Jul 6, 02:07 AM
    I dunno about the CW, but the F is one of the coolest running laptops I've used.

    Granted, that's just doing normal stuff. Ok, so I decided to see if anyone had a record:

    That's.. toasty lol

    Check this stuff out:

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  • Multimedia
    Oct 9, 12:31 PM
    It was reported this morning that it's going to take 2 months for the 12 day west coast dock backlog to get caught up so everything we've been expecting soon may not show up much before MacWorld San Francisco 2003. It just depends where those drives are in the cue.

    Even if they haven't been shipped from Japan yet, it's going to take longer for them to arrive because of this huge cue that has built up over these past 12 days. That includes things like the Pioneer DVR-A05 Quad Speed SuperDrive, the Yamaha External FireWire version of the CRW-F1, and the new PowerBooks that Apple has had to delay announcing because they're sitting on a ship that hasn't been able to be unloaded. So I think we're going to have to be extra patient about getting what we know is next.

    Let's all remember that this was NOT a STRIKE by the workers but a LOCKOUT by management. Management did not negotiate in good faith and was willing to wait for the President to step in while Bananas and other perishable food rotted on those unserviced ships.

    Mar 3, 09:38 PM
    The jailbreak is not just software-based... So even if 4.2.1 is shipped with it (I think 4.3 will be on it), unless the bootrom exploit works on the new hardware then it will not be jailbreakable at the beginning.

    Dec 24, 09:13 PM

    cause im always hungry

    Aug 18, 10:13 AM
    thanks. i was asking about the page layout, not the video itself.

    uh ok, it's a grey page with a blue box and an cold play video :rolleyes:

    Sorry man I'm not very impressed, it's clean and simple yes, but the darkish coloured text on the blue box doesn't really have alot of contrast, sure you can read it but it certanly doesn't jump out at you. Plus I've never been a big fan of super minimalist design, add some gradiants!

    The text colour needs to be adjusted a bit but here's the direction I'd take it.

    Mar 8, 10:56 PM

    A "M" is worth a thousand "I"s?


    Jan 12, 10:24 AM
    Well Soundtrack is being bundled with FCPexpress, which makes more sense to me, since Soundtrack was hardly embraced by the pro community, to the aspersions of Logic and BIAS.

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