Monday, June 6, 2011

mitt romney skinny jeans

mitt romney skinny jeans. reports that Mitt Romney
  • reports that Mitt Romney

  • Hellhammer
    Apr 11, 09:31 AM
    Nice! Was it hard to make? Do you have any fillings in there? If it's even a bit loose, it may sway while carrying it and wood is pretty tough so it could get dents or scratches.

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  • mraila
    Nov 16, 12:25 PM
    I need to open a jpeg2000 file in Photoshop CS but it says "Embedded ICC profile in JP2 color box must contain input device profile..."

    I can find plug-ins that allow me to SAVE images as jpeg2000 files, but I need to OPEN and convert one.

    Anybody know where to find a plug-in or stand alone application that will allow me to convert the file into a jpg or TIFF format?


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  • mitt romney guy smiley.

  • JSage
    Mar 18, 04:26 PM
    Just got back from best buy croydon. Asked a guy about the launch. He said they will be selling at 5pm and has no idea of stock levels
    Not sure i'll be there at 4am!!!

    This doesn't bode well if true :(

    link (

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  • rgarjr
    Apr 29, 01:23 AM
    Yep, but I always keep it on.

    which carrier do u have? have data plan?


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  • hopeful Mitt Romney speaks

  • lordmac
    Jan 21, 11:00 AM
    How about the airport express it's much cheaper then the extreme and can do almost anything the extreme can and more. The only disadvantage with the express over the extreme is that it can only have ten computer on its network at any given time were as the extreme can handle 50. Linsys makes some pretty good stuff too and they are less expensive but the express just has os many useful features. Plus it sense it so small you can take it with you on trips and make networks wherever you go, I do this all the time its great. :)

    mitt romney skinny jeans. mitt romney family pictures.
  • mitt romney family pictures.

  • entatlrg
    Apr 25, 06:41 PM
    I agree completely. Enjoy your new Birthday gift.

    No one but Apple knows a date, what SB will or won't bring or anything at this point.

    To many uncertainties ... now the speed is good, so is the heat and fan noise ... best we've ever seen on the Airs.

    Have fun.


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  • snberk103
    Aug 3, 03:34 PM
    As far as more serious concerns, I'm sure the military has contingency defenses in case the system comes crashing down....

    Ain't gonna do you any good.... We Canucks are short on beer (it's been a hot summer) and if the power cuts out and what little beer we have left gets warm, we be coming down for yours! So hide your brews... and head for the hills....

    Don't trust anyone who is polite, or apologizes for no good reason - they may be spy... and if you hear the word 'eh'... well, it's too late.... you've been infiltrated....

    Biggest military in world can't stop 35 million desperate, thirsty, poutine eating, beer drinking, hockey playing.....

    wait one ...... wait one...... hold on......

    I've just been informed that Molson's has ramped up their production lines.... you're safe.... for now......

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  • velocityg4
    Feb 13, 11:17 PM
    :confused: :apple: can i use pdanet for ipod touch :confused: :apple:

    Yes you will need to Jailbreak your iPod Touch first then install through Cydia.


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  • Mitt Romney and Ann Romney

  • Danzsupreme
    Sep 22, 02:39 PM
    Just a note, some cameras will work some wont. I'd definitely check out ichatusb. It has a free trial, so you dont have to buy if it doesnt work.

    Yes but i want it to work so bad :eek: There has to be someway to make it work and my digital camera has an mpeg record function.

    Help i paid $300 bucks for this camrea i doont want to have to spend on isight

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  • ann romney. Image: Mitt Romney

  • MacFan782040
    Sep 8, 08:57 PM
    I am leaving the mac world :( I just got a HP computer with a slow celeron and 256 memory. My parents though need a more powerful computer, their 233 mhz beige isn't cutting it. So i am giving them my eMac and using the HP still macs hit intel. This is not going to be fun.

    Why don't you give them the HP and you keep the eMac? Just a thought... or couldn't you have bought a MacMini for the low cost of what you paid for an HP?


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  • mitt and ann romney.

  • juliancs
    May 22, 04:51 PM

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  • Legion93
    Apr 8, 11:45 AM
    The official TRIM support is already in Snow Leopard builds for the new Macbook Pros with SSDs and it's in Lion as well. The official support is only for the Apple's SSDs, no TRIM support for third party SSDs. There is a way to enable it for any SSD that supports TRIM, but it is a hack. Here's the thread:

    Apple are usually conservative about their SSDs, they don't go for the top of the line SSDs. So, it is normal to see conservative speed from Apple's SSDs.

    TRIM enabler is a hack, and some people have reported that their read/write speeds have dropped significantly after installing it on their macs. I'm worried that it even does the job, but I am guessing it just changes the kernel so that instead of saying 'No' it says 'Yes' under TRIM support in SERIAL-ATA.


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  • uplusd
    May 3, 03:16 AM
    As a previous poster mentioned, easiest to use CCC to move your current installation of OS X over to the SSD... See here for instructions:!5541774/how-to-install-a-solid+state-drive-in-your-macbook

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  • scem0
    Dec 22, 02:03 AM
    it was pretty cool but was most definitely not worth the hours and hours spent working on it.



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  • Mitt Romney and his wife /

  • SAdProZ
    Nov 27, 05:31 PM
    Heres a screen shot. As you can see, pointed at by the red arrow, that it opens connection but freezes immediately. its gotta be a simple solution, i can justfeel it. why would it take that I reconnect to my site again in order for it to accept an upload?


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  • and mean mitt romney

  • tim2006
    Apr 14, 09:47 AM
    Are there any good articles out there re graphics for the current video game generation? If both the 360 and PS3 use hdmi at 1080p/720p what will make there graphics any different?


    mitt romney skinny jeans. Volunteers participate in a fundraising call extravaganza for Mitt Romney, Monday, May 16, 2011, in Las Vegas. The former Massachusetts Gov. and likely GOP
  • Volunteers participate in a fundraising call extravaganza for Mitt Romney, Monday, May 16, 2011, in Las Vegas. The former Massachusetts Gov. and likely GOP

  • narco
    Dec 19, 06:40 AM
    I've always fell for the "hauntingly beautiful" line, and I think it definitely fits with her. I have the album before this one (which I believe is her debut?) and had no idea a new one came out -- I'll have to check it out.


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  • jtara
    Apr 11, 05:57 PM
    Get a gigabit switch. They're cheap. As well, many/most currently sold WiFi routers and cable modems/DSL routers have a built-in gigabyte switch.

    To use the WiFi printer, the device that is printing does NOT have to connect to the WiFi router via WiFi. It can connect hard-wired. That means if the WiFi router has a gigabyte switch, the connection to other hard-wired devices will be gigabyte (assuming gigabyte capability in the other device.) So the WiFi speed is not an issue, except when printing. And the WiFi speed will be more than sufficient for printing. You'll also be able to print from both machines.

    mitt romney skinny jeans. ann romney. Image: Mitt Romney
  • ann romney. Image: Mitt Romney

  • mpsruo
    Jun 23, 11:16 PM
    The mall security is informing people that there's a line formed at the bank. There's a list going that will apparently be honored by apple. I'm in the 60's which us worrying. I wonder how many they'll have...

    Jan 11, 09:30 AM
    also, for a pro app, soundtrack is much faster than garage band. you can tell that it was very poorly written. i hope gb2 will be much better in terms of speed. 2.5 more hours... longest of my life

    Mar 8, 11:19 PM
    I would go with a 3DS. I am using a DS Lite still but the new Pokemon is great. I haven't played since red/blue/green/yellow days. Lots of cool upgrades while still feeling very at home. :)

    Mar 15, 06:57 PM
    So, I picked up a set and thought I might post up some thoughts here in case you are thinking about buying a pair.

    First impressions are quite good. The packaging lends itself to a quality air. When you first try out the headphones you'll notice the very subtle looks. Personally, I think its brilliant to have a $200 pair of headphones not draw too much attention. So, I approve. There's a carrying case, a few different tips to help you get the feel you are comfortable with.

    On to the sound, before you even turn them on you'll notice these block a lot of background noise when properly inserted. Etymotic claims roughly 40db of noise reduction and I believe it. If you aren't noticing this then you probably don't have them far enough into your ears or you have on tips that don't fit properly.

    How do they sound when you start playing music? Well, I've listened to a variety of music through them ranging from Jazz to Blue, Rock to Metal, Club to Pop, Country to Western so far and have gotten a good feel for their style of sound reproduction. Its very restrained and accurate as is fitting for in ear monitors. These are not Beats by Dre and you will not be impressed if you connect them to a low quality source or you play poorly stored music. Now, if you have a good source and good music you'll start to hear the music the way it was recorded. Meaning a well engineered track will reveal things you've never heard before and a poorly recorded track will sound like warm dog poop.

    Whether thats appealing to you or not really depends on the kind of music you want to hear so I'm not going to pass judgement on it other than to say that I like accurate monitors and these are just great.

    If you read online you'll hear a lot of reviews on these and other Etymotic's that complain about a lack of bass response so I think a few comments on that are needed. If you compare these to a pair of Bose, Beats, Sony's and the like you'll not be impressed with the bass since they are accurate. The Etymotic's will not over-emphasize the bass and drown out the mids and highs. You'll hear a nicely balanced bass, mids and treble. I've got a pounding house beat going as I type this and it just rocks albeit softly. Its also a very accurate bass. I've picked up a few things in well known songs that I've never hear. Now, I'm used to that in the vocals or instruments but I was a bit surprised to have that happen with the bass line.

    All in all I'm impressed and happy. They are a bit pricey at $198 including tax from my local Apple store but if they last they will be well worth it.

    If you have any questions or comment post below and I'll try to respond quickly.

    May 2, 11:11 PM
    you could always do what I did and buy a cheap off-contract phone that requires the data plan, then wait it out to see what the iPhone 5 adds to the table.
    I bought a Palm Pixi Plus for $60 off of Newegg, it got me the unlimited data plan, plus they threw in a complimentary 5GB tethering option as well since that was also included with the Pixi Plus, due to the mobile hotspot feature, when they actually still carried the phone. They couldn't answer for sure when I asked if the tethering would transfer if I upgraded down the line, but they assured me the unlimited data would. Also, by getting the off contract phone it left my previous upgrades (I've still got 2 accrued since I haven't used an upgrade in 4 years) intact for use on the iPhone 5, or other phone if I so choose.

    Aug 22, 08:48 PM
    Can anyone say Florida and hanging chads?

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