Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • NewbieNerd
    Oct 22, 10:45 AM
    I've heard that ruby on wheels is a really good editor - it will allow you to do allsorts, but you need to be pretty handy with code side of designing... if not, just take a bit of time to look into it...

    You mean ruby on rails, lol. :)

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  • mdgm
    Feb 15, 06:44 AM
    I was just curious as I use EyeTV on my Mac Minis and was curious as to whether a SSD would help improve things. I guess I'll need to consider upgrading to the 2011 Mac Mini too when it comes out.

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  • peskaa
    Apr 20, 07:18 AM
    The ATI Radeon HD 5770 doesn't work with the ACD27". I know it has DisplayPort, but there is a bug with various ATi 5xxx cards which makes them incompatible. It is an ATi issue and there is NO fix.

    That being said, all ATI 5xxx EYEFINITY 6 cards with DisplayPort work. All AMD Radeon 6xxx cards with DisplayPort work. And all nVidia GeForce cards with DisplayPort work. You can get a nice GeForce card w/ DP for $150. And any modern video card will support 2560x1440. Any DisplayPort video card on newegg will work for you as long as it isn't an ATi Radeon 5xxx card. You could also buy an Atlona DP400 but its $150, the same as a new video card (ripoff).

    This is simply not accurate I'm afraid.
    The 27" ACD works absolutely fine with the Apple OEM 5770 upgrade card with MDP, also with the 5870. After all, why would Apple sell these graphic cards if they didn't work with their only display? Further, my 5870 and 27" ACD get along like a house on fire. Note that you have to buy the Apple cards, not just a standard PC card like you seem to be implying.

    As for the OP?
    I'd definitely recommend a new GPU. You have several options, which all work fine despite Apple not officially supporting some of them:

    1) NVIDIA GT120 - slowest card, but also the cheapest.
    2) ATi 4870 (Apple OEM) - decent card, overpriced now though
    3) ATi 5770 (Apple OEM) - same performance as the 4870, but more VRAM
    4) ATi 5870 (Apple OEM) - best card currently available for Mac Pros

    Your 2008 Mac Pro has PCIe 2.0, so no problems there. New card goes in the bottom slot, and you can keep your 2600XT installed as well.

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  • ClassicII
    Apr 26, 10:33 PM
    Neat!!! cant wait to see some pics.


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  • munkle
    Nov 3, 11:01 PM
    The gallery would be full if you were to include the fakes!

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  • fsshariq
    Apr 9, 09:55 AM
    Use your ipad as a controller for Chopper 2 on your MB lol. Sounds hella annoying and impractical.

    EDIT: Nevermind, just realized thats over Wifi, not Bluetooth. Sorry guys and/or gals.


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  • mainstreetmark
    Nov 1, 12:09 PM
    We have:

    Apple CEOs
    Apple Desktops
    Apple Events
    Apple Hardware
    Apple ICs
    Apple Information
    Apple Laptops
    Apple Services
    Apple Software
    Consumer Software
    Mac Desktops
    Mac OS X
    Operating Systems
    Pro Software
    Prosumer Software
    Third-Party Hardware
    Third Party Hardware
    Third Party Software

    What a mess! We should standardize all these now, before it's too late! For example:

    "Pro Software" vs "Prosumer Software" ??

    Third-Party Hardware vs Third Party Hardware

    I'm not really behind the whole "third party" distinction in the first place. We should have:

    - Software
    - Hardware

    Software could be broken down in the various apple-provided subcategories as I described in a previous post. The whole "prosumer/consumer" category really only applies easily to Apple stuff. Sure, photoshop may be a "prosumer" app, but would Graphics Converter? It's used by pro's. I suspect most people who are looking for a solution wouldn't be going down a "pro" vs "consumer" road, but rather after a specific kind of application (an Internet utility, for example). This doesn't exclude a "Software->Apple Prosumer" category.

    Hardware should similarly have a standard breakdown: Displays, CPUs, Mouses, etc... No need to necessarily differentiate between Apple/non-Apple stuff here. There should be no "Apple Displays" subcategory, but the Cinema Display could be in both Hardware->Displays, and Hardware->Apple Hardware (but not only Hardware->Apple Displays)

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  • mkrishnan
    Nov 9, 07:14 PM
    I missed mod/it/xm tracking on my amiga/pc ...

    Did you ever use Med to make mods on the Amiga? Ahhhh, good times.... :rolleyes:


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  • dsprack
    Oct 28, 08:41 PM
    To be honest, I hate Pitchfork - they only seem to value indie music. While I love Arcade Fire and Stars, I do like to listen to slightly more mainstream music too.

    It almost seems like Pitchfork will automatically rate an album between 4.8 and 6 if it's by a rock artist. I guess it's their opinion, but I'd like to see positive reviews of other music every once in a while.

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  • ECUpirate44
    Apr 14, 12:07 PM
    I have no problem with the red i4, rather like it as a matter of fact. The rest of the phone is the most hideous looking thing I have ever seen.

    +1 The sides look terrible. Come to think of it, I don't even like the red.


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  • FireStar
    Oct 2, 10:53 AM
    Just looked at the BSE Skin. It doesn't have a hole for the light sensor, would this affect it very much? I think I might go without a screen protector if it does affect it. But if it doesn't, I'll spend the extra $2.

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  • bluap84
    Feb 24, 07:07 AM
    Are you talking about the mac mini or the mac mini server?

    if it's the dual HD server, then you won't get a built in DVD drive.

    Personally if you want to keep power down, i'd invest in something like a qnap TS410 NAS. It'll take 4 drives, up to 8TB and will allow you to protect the data by using RAID 1,5 or 6. You can plug your existing external drives into it. It has built in mac/win/ftp sharing, upnp, itunes sharing, iphone access and will draw less than 40 watts at peak usage. Then use your dell for ripping dvd's. I'm assuming it's a hackintosh if you are running handbrake?

    amazon linkie (


    EDIT: just noticed your question to the other poster. This is indeed headless and can do bitorrent in the background.

    Hmm its actually a windows PC (dont hurt me :( ) haha
    so i remote in via logmein and use it that way. Im ok for a cd drive as i dont really need anything which uses a cd apart from installing the OS

    Just looking at that NAS...oooooooo have you got one?
    Whats the interface like? I am put off by linux web interfaces, id rather have something like logmein. if that makes sense? I feel its more controllable...but please correct me if im wrong


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  • Shawnpk
    May 1, 03:53 PM
    Are all of those iPods yours?

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  • Doctor Q
    Aug 12, 01:34 PM
    Hmm... an Apple website replaced by a section on iTunes... this is obviously proof that Apple intends to pull the entire World Wide Web into iTunes and create a walled garden where the entire internet is controlled by THEM, MUHAHAHA!
    Good idea. They could call it the Apple Online Living-room, AOL for short. :)


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  • iGary
    Sep 13, 12:13 PM
    This is why cremation is a good thing.

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  • mrapplegate
    Apr 11, 11:01 AM
    Also I even tried restoring twice into earlier OS X Lion backups but that didn't even work :/ :(
    Can you get into the recovery partition ( command-r ) ?


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  • Blackhatch
    Apr 5, 09:11 PM
    How about this....?

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  • djaeggi
    Dec 20, 04:39 AM
    Hi folks,

    Longtime reader, first time posting anything.

    Can anyone offer a critique of this?

    It's going to be printed on a 4'x8' vinyl banner to be displayed outdoors. I'm not a designer and I've looked at this thing for so long that I can't even tell what works and what doesn't. It'd be nice to get a fresh pair of eyes on it.

    I'm sending this to the print shop to silkscreen several hundred of these, so any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all.

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  • eawmp1
    Apr 21, 10:12 PM
    We're on our way to a theocracy. :eek:

    Apr 13, 10:58 AM
    if so, should i just wait that time and see if there more rumors about it?

    If you aren't buying it now, then your only option is to wait. When you have the money, then take a new look at the buyer's guide to see if there are any new news about the ACD.

    also, im just curious, what can apple improve?

    Thunderbolt, possibly with daisy-chaining.

    Dec 15, 07:10 PM
    Extremely interested in PBG3, trades? If not, how much cash?

    Jan 6, 11:35 AM
    The date is getting closer, we need to decide a place, can we make it a Starbucks or something, it IS San Francisco! I will be there for sure.

    Apr 24, 12:09 PM
    Yep, basically every Apple product does this.

    Confused. Turning the phone off and on again?

    Yeah, I would power it off all the way and then turn it on

    Jul 12, 12:15 AM
    Originally posted by sparkleytone
    this is not a bug. its always been that way. it truncates your password. better yet, it just ignores everything past 8 chars.

    If it's not a bug, then they need to make it clear when you create your password that someone only needs to know the first 8 characters in order to "know" your password.


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