Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • iserian
    Mar 11, 05:33 PM
    Are you sure that you aren't at the back of the line standing the wrong way? :confused:

    Lmao. I could read threads like this all day long.

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  • Pressure
    Apr 17, 06:51 AM
    If we are talking cores contra speed, then it all boils down to what software you will be using.

    For the server though, definitely go with more cores as it will be able to handle consecutive connections without trouble.

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  • kevin2577
    Mar 11, 12:42 AM
    I am too. Not sure what time, probably after lunch maybe 1 or 2?

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  • HE15MAN
    Apr 9, 06:13 PM
    It adequate my proximity sensor sketchy as hell


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  • yippy
    Nov 3, 07:40 PM
    I am looking to share some photos and get a blog online and I can't decide what the best way to do this would be. I appolagize for the long post but I am trying to be thorough in giving you my thinking my thinking. I'll try to be organized to make up for it.

    Next year I am going to be studying abroad in Europe for two semesters and would like to tell people back home in the states how things are going. I have minimal html/webpage experience, limited time to learn stuff and mess around with it and and money is tight. I have also never done any blogging before and am very unlikely to make good use of it.

    Usage/what I am looking for:
    1)A simple blog to tell family and friends (that includes you guys if you want) how things are going and about any adventures I might have.

    2)Host a couple hundred pictures, organized in albums, for people to look at and have them available to download at full resolution, taken with a 5mp camera. My mom is big on pictures so this is mostly for her, she also likes to print them which is why they need to be full rez.

    3) Easy to navigate. The audience for this will be several computer illiterite people and some on 56k modems so posted pictures need to be thumbnails with links to the originals.

    4) Easy to deploy. I have a full coursload at school, a job and something resembling a social life so I I don't have hours to update it (initial settup can be slow as I don't need it up an running for a month or two).

    5) CHEAP, in fact free unless I think there is no possible other way.

    My options: These are the possiblities that I have been considering.

    1) The ultimate solution would be something like as it has photo hosting/printing/linking and a journal all on one website with an easy interface. However it costs $50 a year and that is more than I can afford.

    2)Get things from separate places. Get a blog like blogger ( and find someplace to host pictures, maybe one of those online printing places like Snapfish so that I get unlimited free storage.

    3) Make my own website. Here I have two sub options.
    a) I have 100Mb of non scriptable webspace on a webdav server through my university that I could use. Picture storage would be limited but that might be ok.

    b) I have a Digital Audio G4 tower running Panther that I currently use as a printserver. I could easily demilitarize it on our router and use something like no-ip to access it. Pros being unlimited completely customizeable space, cons being it is more work and I will not have physical access to it when over seas so if something goes wrong it will be vary hard to fix because I would have to talk one of my family trough fixing it.

    The ability to download in full rez is probably the least important as I can find other ways of getting those to my mom.

    So, what would you do in my situation, remember time and money are the deciding factors here, don't have much of either. Any feedback is greatly appriciated.

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  • Dave00
    Dec 13, 11:20 AM
    Hi all,

    I need to scan some photo prints in for archiving, and I'm not real satisfied with my current scanner (Canon) which I've used the past couple years. It seems to have problems picking up subtle color gradients, so the pictures wind up looking overly contrasted. In talking to others, this seems to be an extremely common problem. Anyone know of a solution?



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  • kainjow
    Dec 15, 03:33 AM
    I didn't consider going until I saw this thread. The product I'm working on is going to be released at the expo, so I may book a flight. Would love to see San Francisco again :)

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  • Langee
    May 4, 02:37 PM
    Hi all

    i just picked up the new 27" imac and switched it on. And it is constantly humming with a low dimming sound. Its high enough to notice it when around 2 meters from the machine.

    Is this normal on all imacs? i must admit im getting pretty tired of listening to it so if that is the standard I dont look forward to using my imac :(


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  • harcosparky
    May 5, 04:56 AM
    I'd venture to say that people have done more work with less computer then that, so you should be fine with what you want to do.

    System RAM is important as previously stated.

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  • miles01110
    Apr 22, 07:49 AM
    It's getting louder because Skype is a CPU-intensive program, which causes your processor to heat up. The noise you hear are the cooling fans. Any video chat program will do the same thing.


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  • MacRumorUser
    Mar 16, 01:08 PM
    You need to start your own rental service and recoup some of those gaming funds; you'll probably turn a profit in a week's time with all the games you've been getting lately mate. ;)

    I would do, But nobody would rent some of the crap I buy :D :(

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  • vollspacken
    Dec 31, 09:37 AM
    Panic Software ( ( gets my vote. (...) Go, Panic, Go.

    I agree. Audion was my Mp3 player of choice in the pre-OsX days... they abandoned it though, and now it's free... I use it again now... just to pre-sort "new" MP3s so I don't mess up my iTunes library...



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  • Benedict
    Mar 11, 04:18 PM
    came by at 9:00 to scope it out and decided to stay... i am about number 25 in line.... this line is going to be huge!

    What do u do when you need to go to the bathroom?

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  • zedsdead
    Mar 19, 09:25 PM
    Thanks for all the feedback. I can't wait until they are updated! I have wanted one for years, but never had a practical use for it until now. Very excited. :D


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  • phungy
    Jun 24, 02:52 PM
    Mac2Sell isn't too accurate. You might be able to get that quoted price on eBay but Apple sells a problem free 2.16 MBP for $1299 (+ tax of course) and fresh warranty.

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  • jayducharme
    Aug 1, 06:54 PM
    It's still beats the pants off anything windows...we're just used to everything working so well it's easy to critique.

    That's really my point. Apple has set the bar high for itself. If I bought a Windows CE phone, I'd expect to have problems. But few Apple products in the last decade have had so many highly publicized issues as iPhone 4. Notice there isn't much press about iPhone 3GS issues or iPad issues or Mac Mini issues. Apple usually produces produces with great usability and high reliability. Maybe I've just gotten spoiled over the years....


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  • Horrortaxi
    Aug 19, 01:46 PM
    I think I'm onto something good. Have you heard of the 5 stages of grief? If you learn you have a fatal disease or a loved one has a fatal disease (also applies to relationships) you go through 5 stages: denial, resentment, bargaining, depression, acceptance. With that in mind, here are the Five Stages of Switching:

    The first stage is denial

    Upon hearing others badmouth Windows, the user reacts with a shocked, "No, it�s okay. It�s got problems but computers have to crash sometimes." This is not a healthy stage, but permits some users to not blindly accept Microsoft�s BS and develop other defenses.

    Next comes anger or resentment

    "What makes Mac users think their computer is better than mine? Jerks!" is the question asked now. Abuse, directed against the Mac community (usually on internet message boards and in Comp USA) often is a part of this stage. This outcry should be accepted, unjudged. You cannot reason with somebody in this stage. Facts are lost on them.

    The third stage is bargaining

    "Windows has problems, but�" "If I buy the latest version and install all the patches . . ." This is a period of temporary truce.

    The fourth stage is depression

    Now the person says, "Yes, Windows sucks and is ruining my life," with the courage to admit that it is happening; this acknowledgment brings depression. (Note: The family rarely goes through the stages along with the user. Rather, they enable the denial and resentment stages)

    Finally comes acceptance

    The user buys a Mac and demolishes his old PC with a baseball bat, just like the fax machine in Office Space. This is often a difficult time for the family, since the patient tends to withdraw to use his Mac. It is also difficult for the family because they are probably in denial themselves.

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  • CanadaRAM
    Sep 27, 08:25 PM

    you guys think thatll work?? my girlfreind wants to buy it for me...and i really wanna get it fast since shes such in a good mood.... :D :D :D
    Opinion: Depends on the exact model of powerbook, but I give you 50%-50% of it working.

    This is Crucial's generic laptop RAM. It's fine thing, but it is not guaranteed to work on Powerbooks. Crucial's Powerbook RAM is a special build CT12864X335AP or CT12864X335.16 NewEgg of course makes no guarantee of compatibility. (you did see the review from the purchaser who tried 2 of these without success in their 17" powerbook, right?)

    I recommend that you stick with a reputable vendor who tests and guarantees compatibility with your model Powerbook, has a lifetime warranty, and a no-cost return if it doesn't work.

    If that Crucial doesn't work, you'll be out time, trouble and shipping costs. Wost case, you may get stuck with a restocking charge depending on seller policies.

    In the USA I like Data Memory Systems (


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  • biohazard6969
    Dec 8, 02:41 PM
    but as stated in my previous thread, if it was a 400mhz p-book, I would. But it isn't. :(

    yes i realize that, but i'm just wondering if your interested in maybe anything else to cut the cost a bit.

    early in the new year i could pay cash if u still have the PC then i'll contact you

    May 6, 02:10 AM
    Started to play sc2 on my 15 mbp, and noticed this thing gets pretty hot, and since i play for a while every session i wanted to get a laptop cooler.

    I've read reviews and looked at comparisons but i still don't know whether to choose


    or is there anything better?

    May 4, 02:04 PM
    I set my grandparents up on a 350mhz powermac g4 about 7 months ago and they love it. I use a powermac g3 400mhz every once in a while to play some older great games, "You Don't Know Jack" They are truly great machines.

    Getting to the point, for video cards try they have forums dedicated to ppc and I'm sure they have all the different and best cards available for your g5.

    Jul 23, 06:19 PM
    Apple is in no rush to hurry something as important as this. A buggy IDE = Fail for Apple and a slow down in iPad iPhone iTouch and Mac Apps.

    They obviously think that the current IDE = fail, if they are releasing a total overhaul of the UI.

    Making the IDE better will help them bring in new developers.

    Feb 6, 11:00 AM
    Thanks for the suggestion. I noticed it has a scheduling feature which is nice and what I've been looking for. I have several other questions in relation to this:

    What kind of hardware would I need for this, and what type of internet connection? Would a normal pc or a netbook with an attached higher quality webcam (thinking of going with a higher quality Logitech) be enough? What about bandwidth usage? Wouldn't I need a really fast upload connection if I'm planning on using a direct stream? Cable modem? FIOS? Or is there some service which allows you to stream to them and they relay to your site (similar to or, though I'd prefer not to deal with them in particular)?

    I shall try and answer all of these to the best i can, but i can tell you now i'm no possessional on this!(:

    I have done this a couple of times now, once just through my built in camera, the quality of the camera, is crap, but when i saw it on the internet i didn't think it was that bad. I have also used a high quality camera (cost me around �50) and the quality was fantastic, did lag at times, but you get that no matter where you go.
    So, i would recommend you use an attached camera, but built in ones do work fine.

    I'm affraid i don't know the full answer to how much bandwith it was using... HOWEVER, i can tell you that i was uploading it, while on sufering the web, and the effect wasn't that bad. I have also ran it through 3G on my phone, connected to my laptop, and it was OKAY but i couldn't load anything else.
    I have allways used a wireless.

    Sorry, but i have no experience on the other services, i did try using but i got fed up with it.

    May i also point out that the audio on it isn't very good.

    Jan 12, 06:03 AM
    Is there a benefit to having fonts activated and deactivated on the fly?

    yeah, so you don't have to put the fonts you want to use in user/library/fonts by hand, like citizenzen and you recommended.

    but i agree, what citizenzen added, that there's more important stuff to take care of than solely choosing the typeface. but for organisazion, overview and samples the fontexplorer comes in handy.
    at least it does for my work.

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