Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • jagds
    Apr 28, 01:39 AM
    Hello, Everybody..
    My first post in this forum.. Today i joined this forums..

    I need some help about animation programming.
    I want add animation in UIView.. Animation should be like AlertView.
    Please help me about some doc file or blog tutorial..
    Is there any way to give animation to UIView..

    Hoping for some one favourable reply..

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  • JZ Wire
    Jul 4, 07:53 PM
    Ill be going to the Apple store at the Falls. Even though the At&t store is close by but I have a feeling a lot of people will be going there to activate their phones for the first time.
    By the way, someone already started a thread for those who are buying an iPhone in Miami.

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  • Poff
    Jan 25, 11:38 AM
    hmm.. too bad. thanks. :)

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  • dav521
    Sep 22, 12:52 AM

    Anybody else notice them show up on Amazon? I just ordered the blue one, hopefully they get them in stock soon. :D


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  • FleurDuMal
    Mar 27, 06:43 PM
    I'd love to get this, but I'm getting into the habit of buying old franchises too much on my DS. All I've bought so far is two Mario games, a Sonic game, and Trauma Centre, the latter being the game not from a franchise I've played before (and I didn't even enjoy it that much).

    But, if its cheap enough, I'll probably get it. And, by coincidence, Theme Park is the first game I ever played on a Mac :D

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  • harpster
    Apr 30, 08:38 AM
    Mysql is the database language and PHP is the server side programming language that is most commonly used to interface the html form to the database. If you want to learn that just get a book like one of the Visual Quickstart Guides by Larry Ullman for Mysql & PHP. There are many books like this and online tutorials as well. Be prepared to spend some time on this if that's the direction your headed.

    You should also get a local server set up on your computer. MAMP for Mac or WAMP for Windows. They are free and give you a easy way to develop dynamic web sites without having a hosting account. Later you can move the site to a live web host.

    The other option is to use something like Wordpress where you can host for free and use one of the Form plugin's to make your form and store the results without having to know the code to make it happen.


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  • ECUpirate44
    May 2, 01:14 PM
    just go to finder and applications and move to the trash ?

    Yes, that will get rid of the bulk of the app.

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  • hob
    Oct 16, 06:57 PM
    OK, hello all!

    I made this iMac switcher ad in After Effects, just before the 24" iMac came out. I should probably update it!

    The music is IZ-US by Aphex Twin from the Come to Daddy EP (

    Enjoy :)


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  • maflynn
    Apr 8, 12:33 PM
    Given that apple added TRIM support in SL (and there's an easy hack to enable it for non-apple SSDs), I'd say its a slam dunk to think it will be in Lion

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  • iFiend
    Apr 28, 03:46 PM
    I know this might be a stupid question but i have been googling for hours now and i cannot find a solution.
    Is there a way to unlock any other basebands off the iPhone 4 not only 1.59.00 that ultrasn0w does.? And if so can you please supply a list of the basebands that are unlockable with Verson 4.0iOS and up.?

    The iOS version has nothing to do with unlocking, only the baseband matters. Now the only free way to unlock an iPhone 4 is with ultrasn0w and it must be baseband 1.59.00. You can however use a Gevey SIM or have a company do it for you. These will cost money.


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  • iBlue
    Aug 9, 12:46 AM
    Pssst...'ve gotta attach that file. *Then* it's a winner ;)
    I couldn't - The file size is too large. :(
    (thanks for pointing that out though) I can downsize it's quality/physical size to fit the attachments but I can't replace the current one with it - it won't look right.

    edit: done

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  • wnameth
    Nov 25, 01:08 PM
    as the title says i am looking for a used tiger woods gamecube game. it is going to be a christmas present for my dad.. i can also possibly trade a couple games for it and possibly a DVD movie

    i have:
    1080 avalanche (gamecube)
    and some other ones (will check later)


    2fast 2furious
    Terminator 3
    and some others

    plaese post your price or trade offers.



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  • Cromulent
    Dec 22, 09:54 PM
    I have 3 Spotify invites available. First 3 interested people who post here will get them.

    You need to be resident in one these countries to use it though:

    Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France and Spain.

    E-mail address required.

    Edit: Ooo, 5,000 posts :).

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  • yodamac1
    Apr 12, 02:40 AM
    I just posted a bunch of my apple vinyl banners on ebay, but one in particular almost made me cry when I posted it. It is a 4ft x 4ft Thomas Edison vinyl banner. It used to hang over my head every day back in 1998 when I was selling macs at a compusa. I always felt like he was watching me and encouraging me to introduce people to Macs (mostly iMacs) for the first time. One day I was asked to take down Edison, Buzz, Ghandi and Hitchcock and put them in the trash compactor out back. Naturally, I said to hell with that idea and snuck them to my car. How could any Mac fan ever be expected to destroy anything so beautiful. Well, I got caught with them, but the manager let me keep Buzz and Edison and he took the other two. Now I put Edison on ebay and I'm already regretting it. Did I do the right thing?


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  • Hrududu
    Apr 14, 12:10 PM
    Yours look fine. I've replaced caps on about 12 iMac G5 systems and they are usually VERY obvious when they go bad. By that I mean electrolyte spewing out of the tops. Out of those 12, 9 of them worked again after replacing the caps, so if that does happen your odds are pretty good that it can be fixed.

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  • chrismacguy
    Apr 19, 10:50 AM
    Did someone see my post regarding the minor developers? This is worthy to note as the main ones are leaving the PPC realm, while literally 1000's of smaller and minor companies, such as wondershare and others are still making universal binaries for both intel and ppc - a win win if you ask me.

    Not really. Quite a lot of people depend on the big software developers to get work done. Especially people who need to work with people using Office 2007/2010 for Windows, or who happen to need Adobe CS5/5.5, Final Cut Studio 3 or Logic Pro 9 or a myriad of other Professional Applications just to get stuff done. Many people bring work home, and most of the key productivity software for Mac is now intel only. It doesn't matter about small developers as they don't control the blockbuster software, and most people need at least 1 Intel Mac as they are that much more up-to-date than PowerPC models.


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  • Hrududu
    Apr 14, 12:10 PM
    Yours look fine. I've replaced caps on about 12 iMac G5 systems and they are usually VERY obvious when they go bad. By that I mean electrolyte spewing out of the tops. Out of those 12, 9 of them worked again after replacing the caps, so if that does happen your odds are pretty good that it can be fixed.

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  • motulist
    Apr 30, 03:38 PM
    What geographical location are you in?

    I'm in Wisconsin at the moment. I didn't notice it when I was back in New York a couple of weeks ago.

    open the Activity window

    I'll do that next time I notice the problem.

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  • brosenz
    Apr 26, 08:37 PM
    After some research my top 3 sorted options are:

    1.- OCZ Vertex 2 120GB
    2.- Intel X25-M 120GB
    3.- Samsung 470 Series 128GB

    I will be using it as my boot drive for Mac OS X 10.6.7, any suggestion which one would be the best option for speed ?, thanks

    Sep 25, 07:04 PM
    It's like Speed: 2. Props to the rail system for averting disaster though.

    Pity UB40 weren't on this runaway train - might have done us all a favour.

    May 5, 11:22 AM
    I never get these threads. Wouldn't checking tiny umbrella be faster then asking.

    Jul 5, 05:08 AM
    i think the biggest hurdle to leap over to run panther, are the graphic card limitations of the older machines. stuff like the cube user switching and expose are going to be cpu and graphic card intensive. do you think those older machines would be able to handle those?

    Sep 22, 07:41 PM
    Ok, just checked on a PC, and its Quicktime is up to date, but won't play it. :( The error comes up saying "QuickTime is missing software required to perform this operation. Unfortunately, it is not available on the QuickTime server"

    I googled this response, but most seem to think that it's due to running Windows 95, or an older Netscape browser, and the PC I just used has XP, Quicktime 6 and as basically all up to date, I think.

    Firefox crops up on Google as causing this problem, but I tried it in IE, but it still doesn't play, although that error message doesn't appear. My dad (who alerted me to the fact it wasn't working) presumably tried it in AOL and alos had sound but no picture. Not that I particularly care whether it works on AOL, but it does prove it's a browser wide problem.

    Mar 22, 12:49 AM
    How many times did you try the jb and what were you using? Pwnage or greenpoison? Just because the jb fails once doesn't mean that it was a disaster. Try the jb again.
    At this point im just frustrated. I changed the host file with this ip Then I followed all the steps and got 4.2.1 on. When I went to jailbreak, I got it into DFU mode but the jailbreak failed. Now I just want to update to 4.3 but I cant because I dont remember what I changed and replace with this Anybody know the original text so I can update to 4.3?

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