Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • miles01110
    Apr 24, 08:38 PM
    Would appreciate if you could elaborate. Cheers.

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  • rockyroad55
    May 5, 11:36 PM
    I'd say go with the 13". You can use the extra cash to put in a SSD and more RAM. Makes the computer EXTREMELY fast when opening up applications. It doesn't sound like you are doing anything graphics heavy unless when it comes to your physics work.

    Also, you could use the money to get a cinema display off craigslist or something so when you come home, you can attach it to the big boy. :)

    I'm majoring in marketing btw and I don't see the difference to econ to be that much. But, physics is something else. Ask someone on College Confidential for help with that!

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  • reebzor
    Apr 21, 08:24 PM
    You dont need an Internet connection, but what you could do is plug your Macbook into any speakers, create a wifi network with your macbook, join that wifi network with your iPhone and just use the iTunes Remote App to control the music.

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  • wickedG35
    Mar 13, 02:47 PM
    The only things I would consider doing a partial trade for is:

    1. Firelite Firewire 160GB external HD
    2. 500GB MyBook Studio External HD


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  • xxRONNIExx
    Apr 7, 09:07 PM
    Okay Im giving my parents my mac mini. Im also waiting for the new iMac to come out. Its going to be a few months until I get one. In the mean time I have a MBA so I'll be fine. My question is:

    #1) whats the best way for to copy all my files, music, movies, photos, and apps to a external hard drive?

    #2) once all my files are transferred to the external HD can I still use my itunes with my MBA by hooking it up to the external drive through USB?


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  • Wild-Bill
    Jun 18, 10:07 AM
    My brother-in-law pre-ordered online for he and his sister. We are going to the store around 4pm Friday (after work, travel, etc..). If the phones are there, they're there. If they're not, they're not. I'm on the fence of whether or not I want to go with the 3Gs, but the two of them are dead set on it. i am more interested in checking out the new MBAs while I am there, and quizzing the staff to see if any of them have a clue about the 1.5G/s SATA issue on the MBPs :D


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  • SchneiderMan
    Feb 1, 03:01 PM
    That is nothing new.

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  • TheGimp
    Mar 29, 10:01 AM
    Colin Mcrae Rally (VERY hard but very rewarding and with great GFX)
    RPG: Kingdom of Paradise (something like that)
    Wipeout (get gold medals in every event) + free expansions
    Metal Gear Acid (turn-based game) and Metal Gear Solid: Portable OPs
    NES, SNES, Neo Geo, Turbo GFX 16, Genesis, and SMS collection (those should keep you busy for a while). The Metal Slug games alone should eat up at least a quarter of your trip.
    if you like puzzle games, then get Mercury and Lumines. You can superset those to eat up most of the trip.

    Don't listen to those recommending a DS. The ones worth playing are much too good to be wasted on a trip. :P


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  • mjstew33
    Dec 23, 10:24 PM
    ahhh....much better.

    No more annoying product categories. Anyone know what is different besides the look?
    ipod ipod ipod ipod :rolleyes:

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  • AP_piano295
    Sep 23, 03:14 PM
    i'm in search of three ipod shuffles and i need them as cheap as possible. iirc, the apple store for education is selling refurbs (which are okay, as long as they're apple recertifieds) for 79 each. if anyone can find something for 69 (or less!) please let me know. i need them as giveaways for a program at my school.

    thanks...i appreciate it.

    some principal you are least you could do would be giving the kids a new ipod shuffle you sound like my principal :eek:


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  • edesignuk
    Dec 29, 03:33 PM

    *Spymac will be taking a Standard percentage (3%) to cover the costs of documentation and handling.
    I'm speechless. I know it's a small percentage, but I cannot believe that they are charging people to make donations via them, when there are so many other options where ALL the money will get to the people who need it.

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  • alph45
    Apr 24, 11:07 AM
    If your miniDV has RCA inputs(red/yellow/white), plug VHCS player in, make miniDV dups and transfer to computer via firewire. If your miniDV doesn't have RCA inputs your out of luck without buying more equipment.

    This is assuming your using a MAC, some PC laptops have RCA in.


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  • Vandam500
    Apr 24, 10:57 AM
    Where did you hear this from? A red iPhone? I highly doubt it.

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  • usnek
    Apr 30, 08:17 AM
    But we can't buy it, yet, at Stonebriar. Correct?

    Any idea how many they have in stock?


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  • SkippyThorson
    May 4, 11:32 AM
    Since I got it so cheap, I want to upgrade the hell out of it and use it as my primary machine (age of it be damned). I want to expand the RAM fully to 16 GB, put a fast 2 GB HDD in, and get the best possible Video card available.

    Good for you! Glad to hear another PPC admirer is willing to keep his Mac going even when the nay-sayers shoot your idea down. My 1.25ghz iMac G4 is my primary desktop at home, and my 800mhz one is my primary office desktop. I have to say, 9 out of 10 people that come in compliment my iMac. :) Your Powermac would likely receive equal compliments from me.

    2. What is everyone's opinion to the possibility that after I get this thing where I want it, Apple will drop support for Leopard and I will no longer be able to sync my iPhone, iPad, or iPods to it. I of course, Plan to keep my Intel Macs running on the other end of the room (along with my "necessary" PC) but since I sit in THIS chair in my office most of the time, it would be nice to do everything from right here...

    I can't answer your first question, but I have to say that this will likely come sooner than later. Within the next 2 years, I'd guess. Apple has a tendency to focus on 2 Operating Systems at a time - the current, and the most recent. Tiger is just about dead to them after a very long and happy life - longer than any Mac OS before it I'd say.

    Since Leopard is the last string that ties PPC users have to the most recent Apple tech they can get their hands on, I'd say Apple would support it longer than Tiger, but not much longer than they already have. The iPhone 4 and iPad 2 both support 10.5.8, which surprised me - to my pleasure - and I'd guess the next round of iPods, the iPhone 5, and the iPad 3 would support 10.5, but my guess is that'll be it.

    My iPhone 4 happily syncs with my iMac at home, and it's entirely convenient that my old desktop is my media hub, keeping stuff off my laptops, but the convenience won't be a measure when 10.5 doesn't support my iPhone. I'll always have an iPhone, and I'll keep my iMac G4 going as long as I can. When they drop support for 10.5, worst case, I'll have to migrate all my media to my MacBook - even though everything in one place (even backed up) isn't my ideal safety scenario.

    Hope my thoughts help! Sorry for my long-winded post, as usual.

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  • robla64
    May 3, 12:55 PM
    Thanks, I used an intel mac in target mode and it worked great. Now if I could only figure out which version of itunes will run on this imac..... but maybe thats another thread.


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  • pubwvj
    Dec 29, 12:17 PM
    Just curious. I got my new pb and am overall very very happy with it. But i am a biologist and work that i do requires up close scrutinay of several photographs. These horizontal lines make that very annoying. If this is a software problem i wont be that discouraged, but if it is hardware i may have to get a pre-october refurb. Anyone have any insight into this issue?

    Another possibility is that the problem is in the wetware. Some uses see it others don't. It might be that some hardware has it. It might be that Apple had it in the initial machines but not now. I say that because I just got a PowerBook 15" and the screen is beautiful. No lines. No flicker. No waves. Bright and crisp. I love it.

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  • TheMacMaster
    Apr 29, 09:43 PM
    ok so not sure if this is the same problem as you but i got my mac to boot up then i went into activity monitor and it said every thing was idle. then i went into disc utility and did a permission check and a verify disc and it said this

    Repairing permissions for �Macintosh HD�

    Permissions repair complete

    Verifying volume �Macintosh HD�
    Performing live verification.
    Checking Journaled HFS Plus volume.
    Checking extents overflow file.
    Checking catalog file.
    Keys out of order
    The volume Macintosh HD was found corrupt and needs to be repaired.
    Error: This disk needs to be repaired. Start up your computer with another disk (such as your Mac OS X installation disc), and then use Disk Utility to repair this disk.

    and i was like dang i dont have a disc so anyone know what i can do to fix this?

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  • Daveway
    Dec 23, 10:20 PM
    ahhh....much better.

    No more annoying product categories. Anyone know what is different besides the look?

    Nov 1, 11:49 PM
    They just got all spanking brand new computer equipment at the school where my wife works, and the various departments were supplied with multifunction units.

    Guess, what? It sure didn't take too long for them to break down and/or malfunction. They never bothered repairing them, they just exchanged them for separates.

    As incredibly vague as that is, it doesn't help anyone. I'm guessing that those were probably Lexmark (or Dell, which are the same thing) units as my parents' Lexmark all-in-one broke after about a year while my Epson CX5200 is still going strong for them and my CX6400 is not quite a year old but working well.

    However, had Canon had all-in-ones available at the time I got the CX6400, as they do now, I would have gone for a Canon model instead.

    Sep 23, 01:55 PM
    i find it very funny that some scientists have actually stated that we are in a mini iceage and that the earth has gotten colder over the past 6000 years but now after ten years of it getting minutely hotter its turned into......OMFGBBQ!!!one11

    Apr 19, 12:52 PM
    Does OWC have reliable ram? Does anyone have experience using it?

    I thought about getting some for my G5. I went the cheap route and bought some PNY ram, which i don't suggest using after having it. It caused my G5 to freeze all the time. I'm sure it caused it. I took the PNY ram out and i've never had a problem since then.

    Apr 28, 08:27 PM
    Okay, so perhaps the title is a bit vague.

    I've enabled the lock rotation/mute switch plist mod on my iPhone 4. However, when using the switch as a rotation lock switch, there's a blank black icon in my multitasking menu where the "Mute on/off" button should be.

    Could somebody SSH/iFile/whatever the icons for the multitasking mute on/off button for me and send them this way? Likely to be in:


    The rotation lock icon is under the name, "RotationLockButton-iphone.png" and "RotationUnlockButton-iphone.png" if that helps at all.

    Thanks a bunch for any help! It'll save me a heck of a lot of grief. Downloading a 600MB file on terrible satellite internet is like pulling teeth.

    How did you do this? Does it work on 4.2.1?

    Mar 16, 02:54 AM
    Hey y'all. This is probably wishful thinking, but how would you go about storing and managing a 110,000 song (650GB) iTunes library on a wireless network drive?

    The setup wasn't hard, but it' SO SLOW!

    I plugged the 2TB USB drive with the library into an Airport Extreme, connected to it over the wireless network, opened iTunes while holding 'alt', and chose the library on the network drive. Unfortunately, it's so slow that scrolling and searching are next to impossible. And forget about AirTunes!

    The goal would be to have that whole library accessible from my laptop and then played through AirTunes speakers.

    Like I said, this is probably just wishful thinking, but has anyone else set up a system like this?

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