Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • andreiru
    Apr 23, 03:52 PM
    EDU in UK comes at no extra cost. Custom 3 year agreement, no phone support. Store people see no difference - treat as a full AppleCare. Just ask for it when making a purchase - as part of the sale deal.

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  • GGJstudios
    May 5, 07:27 PM
    Have you tried a PRAM and/or SMC reset already?
    PRAM/NVRAM has nothing to do with the OP's issue.

    Mac OS X: What's stored in PRAM (
    When to reset NVRAM or PRAM (

    SMC might help with some fan, unexpected power-offs or slow performance issues, but not heat-related shutdowns, as the OP described.

    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) (

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  • iMacC2D
    Apr 19, 09:27 AM
    The fact that the artifacts have appeared in the screenshot is a good indication that the LCD is not at fault. It's most certainly a defective GPU. Not much that can be done with it now, ignoring the fact that logic boards are expensive, i'd doubt that Apple would even stock parts for them anymore.

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  • dejo
    May 4, 03:33 PM
    I'm learning about the Picker View and was pretty disappointed that the book didn't go beyond basic stuff. I went thru several other books and online as well as the built in Apple help
    You talk about "the book". Which book? And who is the author? Also, what were the "other" books?

    Not one had an example of putting a pic inside the Picker.
    The book was a single column, no example of multi column, or custom widths or loading from array.
    See the UICatalog sample app for demonstrations of how to, at least, use images.

    Basically I need MUCH more detail, eight book and not one goes into good detail.

    Is there any book that REALLY gets under the hood and opens things up?
    Of all the programming help/docs/books I read, it's pretty hard to imagine there's not a better book than these.
    Most books don't go into the kind of detail I think you seek. They give you the basics and then it's up to you and your cleverness to use those fundamentals to adapt things to your needs.

    Amazon's preview thing is pretty worthless, can't get into the meat of the book, the 'contents' doesn't tell you enuff.
    They'll give you sample pages from a chapter. Any more and they'd be giving away to real content and some would have no incentive to buy the book, would they?


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  • wickedG35
    Jul 1, 07:17 PM
    very tempting... is this the more expensive monitor that has the adjustable stand and better panel?

    Yeah, this display is the newer and latest model (old was 2405wfp) and features adjustable stand, upgraded panel, usb hub and CF and other memory slots on the side built in.

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  • gdjsnyder
    Apr 22, 03:11 PM
    It's a nice-to-have feature, but anyone who has been holding off on an upgrade simply because the white phone wasn't available is vain or foolish.

    Anyone who waited obviously did not like the black one. If you don't like a product and can't see yourself getting used to it, you wouldn't buy it. So why is anyone vain or foolish for not buying a product they wouldn't be completely satisfied with?

    Anyway, I wanted the white one, but I got the black, as I settled. So I can't wait to buy this baby the day it comes out! I don't like the new proximity sensor though (from 'leaked' pictures).


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  • polydigm
    Jan 10, 11:13 PM
    I purchased Logic Studio (Pro Logic 9 version) in mid December last year. I'm on a steep learning curve having moved over from Cubase SX3. I was facing the prospect of an upgrade fee to the latest Cubase and buying some other music utilities or jumping ship and paying full price on Logic Studio. Well, I'm happy to say that I'm able to do everything I was doing before using Cubase with Logic Studio plus much more. It's not a 100% clear to me how it compares with the latest Cubase 5, which now integrates many more features than in SX3, but it seems that a lot of Steinberg's sampling stuff (Halion) still has to be bought separately. I'm also really getting to love the Logic Studio interface. I've imported a few of my really complex projects now that included multiple live recorded band audio tracks, overdubbed audio tracks and some step time, real time and score entered MIDI tracks and working on them is much easier. The audio editing features are superior, plus the MIDI stuff sounds much better.

    It was mentioned above about purchasing a MIDI interface. I already had one because I was using a JV-1010 synthesiser with Cubase, but now, with Logic Studio, the included synthesisers have sounds that are superior in quality and editing features that leave it for dead, plus you get a fully featured sampler which is just awesome. (I normally don't talk like that but I'm not sure how else to put it, it's freaking awesome.) I've already started building up instruments based on my own recorded samples as I'm interested in composing using sounds sampled from sources other than instruments. I guess you could call it musique concr�te, but I have my own ideas about what it is. Anyway the upshot is that my JV-1010 is taking a back seat and only getting dusted off when I need to check a project that needs exporting from Cubase to Logic Studio.

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  • gameface
    May 2, 03:11 AM
    I have to disagree i don't think its too invasive and works very well with the tone of the imagery.... i have seen reels with alot worse choices in music... my own is a prime example... :D

    Also you can see that the reel has been cut using the track at certain parts... so changing it would require re-editing the whole sequence.

    A reel should be recut once a month if you are doing a bunch of work. But, me being 32 I like it. I know from people I have worked with the DVD would have been taken out and dismissed 15 seconds in by some agency suits. Remember, a reel is to show your work... since this is a graphics reel it should be about the graphics and not so in your face with hip-hop.

    If you could find a 'karaoke' version of the song with no lyrics it would help the cause. My $.02

    PS.. your motion graphics are sick. Good work!


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  • aleni
    May 6, 09:06 AM
    one thing in lion that will not get used for me is the launchpad. damn on my 27" ACD it's so big. i remember all of my installed apps and prefer to use spotlight for easy way to launch them.

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  • bellis1
    Feb 4, 03:34 PM
    I just had to post to tell everyone how much I love this thing. How can anyone live with a one button mouse?

    I has three buttones on the left side of the mouse for your thumb. I have these set for one to go forward/next/page down and one to go backward/previous/page up and then the middle one to flip between pages that are open within one application. Makes browsing macrumors and multiple threads fast especially with the scroll wheel on the top.

    And then you can click the scroll whell, I have that programed for expose to only show the desktop.

    And then wait, still two more buttons. One of the buttons on the scroll wheel I have programmed to expose all windows and the other to show all the windows in one application. What is that like 6 buttons?


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  • Crystal-RX
    Apr 3, 12:00 AM
    Do I call Rogers up (my carrier) and tell them?

    1. Call roggers to cancel/deactivate your #s.
    2. Buy new phone and move on with your life.

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  • mBox
    Apr 9, 08:43 AM
    quick and exciting very good :)
    the packaging piece is bland, can you dolly in and maybe tumble the camera a little?
    only critique is that zip up at the end is cut too quick.
    you had it nice and slow at start but at the end something where you can at least see it going up as ending.
    cant get the zipper feel ;)


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  • Rower_CPU
    Jul 16, 06:35 PM
    A year and 3/4s for me. #2423 :D

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  • John.B
    Oct 29, 09:13 AM
    Well if you mosey on over to OSX Audio (, you might want to check what Markus Fritze has to say...and see what responses are posted there. A lot of Logic users there, who will soon tell you what's going on!

    Thanks, Shagrat! I hadn't heard of that site, it looks like it could be very useful! :cool:


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  • minik
    Jan 14, 07:02 PM
    I love the holiday. However, Santa 'Jobs' won't come until MacWorld.

    Of course, it's heaven when fans are able to watch the Keynote live or be a part of the MacWorld Expo hype.

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  • J&JPolangin
    Apr 15, 06:43 AM
    I'm curious about this question too... I have the same situation but I have 8gb of RAM... what's better to have 8gb at 1067 or 4gb at 1333?

    ...if your usage needs to have more than the 4Gb of RAM avail then its better to have 8Gb at the slightly lower bandwidth then paging to your HDD with 4Gb of RAM at a slightly higher bandwidth...


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  • edesignuk
    Oct 8, 07:39 AM
    This artical refers to the Pioneer DVR-A05, already announced by Arn (, which actually even links the same information source! :) :p

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  • javiercr
    Sep 21, 11:46 AM
    I have never used a Samsung drive, nor do I know anybody who has. Do they actually make their own? Or do they get drives relabeled from another company?
    I am not 100% sure but I think they make their own, Samsung is actually a brand that makes lots of things that are put inside other people's products, e.g. the memory for the iPod nano.

    I have 2 maxtor drives, one western digital and one samsung, the samsung is the only one that didn't get noiser with time, it is 20Gb and at least 5 years old, it looks identical externaly to the need ones, I guess the new ones should have improvements to make then even quiter and more reliable (i'm guessing).

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  • debroglie
    Mar 4, 03:38 PM
    First the heat. I'd read around the forums that the heat could be uncomfortable and even hot in some of the powerbooks. For me the heat isn't bad, you know it's there, of that there is no doubt, but it's more like an electric blanket on your lap. Like an electric blanket if using in your lap for an extensive time it can get much warmer, but never to where I would say ow when touching it with my bare hand.

    While I prefer the 15 inch, I'll give you that the heat isn't an issue. I had a 12 inch 867 before, and I could have cooked eggs on that baby! Wow, I do not miss that heat!!! :eek:

    Apr 23, 02:43 PM
    I have uploaded it to this site.

    Thank you Bally555. That is a very good manual to have for MBA owners:D

    OS X Dude
    Jan 13, 05:49 AM
    literally just got Logic Pro 9 this morning... all I can say is thank god for support pages on Apple's site :D

    Not into electronic music really... but for a MIDI controller I'd go for a MicroKORG XL and a Kaoss Pad, as they could be adapted to be used for what I do (alternative, slightly proggish rock and blues.)

    Oct 18, 02:45 PM
    I didn't see one list for Philly so I thought I should represent!

    So where are people going to get their Leopard fix?

    Springboard Media on Walnut?
    Apple Store in KoP?
    Apple Store in Ardmore?

    Hmm. Im thinking KOP, ardmore will be crowded. Ardmore is closer though. Im not sure yet.

    Lord Blackadder
    Sep 14, 09:45 AM
    I remember reading an article online about Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. This is a new low-sulfur diesel (pretty much equivilent to European low-sulfur diesel) that is going to replace the current-grade US Diesel (which has 50 times more sulfur). Here's a link. (

    It's supposed to be phased in starting next year, so maybe we'll see more diesels offered for sale in the near future. I think SUV's especially should start using these more fuel-efficient engines.

    Jun 14, 12:20 AM
    Good thing you reminded me about the mall opening time, I was thinking we would be able to line up outside but since my local Apple Store is in a mall we will only be able to start lining up once the mall opens, right?

    my mall has a 24 hour parking garage so the mall is open 24 hours- though the stores arent..

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