Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • laomehe
    Apr 29, 10:38 PM
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    just have a try first and hope these info can really be helpful.

    Some more related and useful tools here may help you as well:

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  • cymrulp
    Sep 20, 11:55 AM
    I'm sure a lot of people here do. I do, badly, but I do.

    :) im sure your stuff is better than mine

    Anyone using a MIDI interface? im looking at the M-Audio ones on the apple store

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  • localboy28
    Mar 14, 02:56 PM
    Way over his head lol

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  • Patmian212
    Dec 15, 03:04 PM
    I need an ATI PCI Video card that'll work with my PowerMac G3 B&W. I'm currently using an old PCI card from my old PowerMac 9600 so if I could replace it in time for christmas (I'm giving the computer away as a gift to my Grandma) then that would be fantastic.

    I see some going on eBay so if I can't find one here I'll purchase one on there. I can pay via PayPal, or if you really want maybe we can trade somehting. Thanks! :)
    Just outta curiosity, what GFX card is in the B+W now?


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  • Shorties
    May 4, 10:24 PM
    It really would be nice if biteSMS allowed you to forward to a GV number, and then if you respond to that number it automatically goes through the BiteSMS app to be re routed to your AT&T number.

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  • motulist
    May 3, 10:37 AM
    And just now the site took a minute or two to fully load these pages.


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  • el-John-o
    Apr 8, 10:55 AM
    depends on what OS you are on now I guess.

    i just upgraded my ipod touch and also had to restore a couple of times. apparently if you restore from a backup, it causes problems with the new jailbreak... can anyone confirm that? i ended up having to set up as a new (so i lost all settings and game saves) to get some jailbroken apps to work.

    I'm running 4.2.1 now. What new features does 4.3.1 have over 4.2.1? I wasn't able to find anything really substantial.

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  • 66775
    Apr 27, 04:04 AM
    Hi everyone,

    I searched the forums for similar issues and I found some hints but they didn't really work so I'm coming to you for additional advice. Thanks in advance.

    I'm in a bit of a panic mode but I'll try to keep my cool :)

    I have a 2008 MBP (Alu one), shipped with 10.5 and upgraded to 10.6. Never had a single problem until yesterday. I ran the 10.6.7 update, together with a security fix and a Java update, all through the software updater program. Everything installs ok, the system asks me to reboot to finalize, I comply...but then it happened.

    The system is stuck at the Apple Logo/Spinning wheel thing. Just hung there for more than 30 minutes before I decided to force-shut it down and restarted it. Same thing. I did a PRAM/SMC reset, no success, and the system will not boot in Safe Mode. There is no weird chime/tone at startup, just the regular one.

    What you should know:

    -I can boot on my Windows 7 bootcamp partition with no problem, everything works fine (which is good cause I can save my files from there).
    -I started in Verbose Mode and the system didn't go further than "airport rsn handshake complete on en1"
    -I started in Single User mode and the system didn't go further than "Link Down on en1. Reason 8 (Disassociated because station leaving)."
    -I don't have access to another Mac so I can try and boot/repair from there

    Possible solutions:

    -I didn't perform a "Safe Single User mode" start, but I don't think it's gonna do anything at this stage.
    -The Repair Disk (in disk utility, booting from the install DVD) and/or format are the only things to do?

    IMPORTANT note: I lost my SL Install DVD when I moved from the UK to Cyprus, but I still have my 10.5 Install DVD that came with the computer. I assume I cannot do anything with that, since I upgraded to SL, right? Would it be ok if I purchased another retail copy of SL, or does it have to be the EXACT SAME disc in order to perform a disk repair/OS format? In that case I'm basically screwed, aren't I?

    Thanks a lot for your insights :)


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  • noiceT
    Apr 30, 04:02 AM
    Forget the BB, it's pretty late in the game already...

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  • hackthatphone
    May 5, 11:22 AM
    I'd love to see an end to this question. With every new firmware release this question is posted. Can I still restore to the previous firmware since a new firmware came out today?

    Well, why don't YOU try it and find out the answer to that question?

    The worst that will happen is you will be denied the restore to that firmware if you don't have an SHSH on file for it already.

    This isn't rocket science. The slightest bit of research would turn up this information.


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  • dmz
    Dec 31, 10:48 AM
    Go legit. You answered your own question, then, un-answered it.

    "I have no problem buying legitimate copies of these Apps..."

    "how I can fix this problem short of... ... buying the legitimate versions..."

    Now, un-jailbreak your phone so you can stop ripping off software for juvenile kicks ( oooh, boobies!!!), like you said:

    "most of them were ones people paid a small fee for"

    But not you, 'cause you're special.


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  • puckhead193
    Nov 3, 11:46 PM
    that one goes into the fake page :)

    i remember that week on MR that was funny, everyone was like CSI over the picture(s) how its taped and the font etc...


    someone got the original spymac iwalk pix?

    nice arn!! lets debate this it real or fake ...haha


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  • Rower_CPU
    Feb 14, 07:53 PM
    Yeah, you got to pay to play...fool. :p :D

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  • polzii
    May 1, 10:09 AM
    ^^^^^^ That was just a rumor. The Gevey Pro has the same issue, it requires u to go through the procedure again if u reboot or lose service. Rebel was supposed to solve this issue but they have yet to ship their simcard


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  • sleepykidd
    Apr 23, 07:35 AM
    Maybe the disk image you created is corrupt?

    It could be as simple as that? There isn't anything that stands out as a concrete reason why it wouldn't work?

    Should I try upgrading to leopard first and then Snow Leopard? I don't have the "upgrade disc" I have the full install one that came with my other Mac.

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  • GGJstudios
    May 5, 05:13 PM
    You already asked about heat issues in another thread ( and were told that you don't have heat issues. Your MBP is working as designed. You don't need to do anything to your thermal paste.


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  • R94N
    Oct 25, 12:35 PM
    They look great all lit up. I've tried to draw the Apple logo in the past and I find it hard, never mind to actually carve it into something (it could be just my crappy drawing though :D).

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  • zelmo
    Mar 30, 10:50 AM
    Imagine paying $9,000 for a weather cover for your $30,000 car.

    You mean, like a garage? :rolleyes: :D

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  • OzExige
    Feb 2, 07:51 AM
    Apple and every other computer maker is going to be held back. Don't you think apple had sandy bridge based computers in the pipeline

    The biggest difference is others started shipping/advertising those computers before apple

    Yeh but ...... "every other sandy bridge computer is a 'PC' and Dell/HP appear to have more stock (sandy bridge) or in the process of ramping up production, when the news broke.

    Apr 28, 07:39 AM
    SL has been great for me too. The problems your having must be maddening tho. I had a MDD g4 that would randomly freeze for no reason, drove me up the wall!

    Oct 18, 06:03 AM
    Hah, that was really cool! Well done.

    Oct 4, 06:52 PM
    I like the wood look ones as well. If they are real wood, though, I'd imagine they aren't dishwasher safe, which effectively cancels my interest, (lazy). :)

    Nov 13, 07:42 AM
    ha! i actually bought this cd off itunes a few months ago. could do with some more sequencing and layering. but what it is great for is sampling. i took one of the ink cartridge hitting the side of the caseing sounds and processed it into a kick drum. heres a rough mix.

    very cool. what mixing software did you use? :)

    Mar 9, 08:18 AM
    Hi everyone

    Ever since I saw a 12" PB more than a decade ago I've been fascinated by it. I never bought one because at the time I didn't have the money for it but I'm now considering buying one just to have it (sounds odd perhaps but why not; it's a beautiful piece of equipment and why not save them for posterity?).

    I am not very familiar with Tiger and the earlier OSs and therefore wanted to run Leopard on it. I've read posts here and also articles at Lowendmac about Leopard performance on the 12" PB. It seems that performance would be "ok", at least for less intensive tasks (like video editing and encoding).

    So I'm wondering what upgrades (well, beyond adding RAM) are available for the 12" PB (processors, logic boards, harddrives etc) these days?


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