Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • MayPeng
    Apr 19, 11:12 PM
    I have a hid device , because its class is 0x03. I use HIDManager and IOServiceMatching(kIOHIDDeviceKey), both can't find device, whether the kernel don't have matching driver, and I must write a hid device driver?

    Main code:
    method 1:
    IOHIDManagerRef mgr;

    mgr = IOHIDManagerCreate(kCFAllocatorDefault, kIOHIDOptionsTypeNone);
    IOHIDManagerSetDeviceDeviceMatching(mgr, NULL);
    IOHIDManagerOpen(mgr, kIOHIDOptionsTypeNone);

    CFSetRef device_set = IOHIDManagerCopyDevices(mgr);

    CFIndex num_devices = CFSetGetCount(device_set);
    method 2:
    io_iterator_t hidObjectIterator;
    CFMutableDictionaryRef hidMatchingDict= IOServiceMatching(kIOHIDDeviceKey);
    //add my device pid and vid to hidMatchingDict


    io_object_t hidDevice;
    while(hidDevice = IOIteratorNext(hidObjectIterator))

    As a result, hidDevice = 0;

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  • YS2003
    Sep 24, 09:40 AM
    Again, proving my ignorance...
    "AP" is what? "Associated Press"? Or, I mean, "Associated Press?"

    No, I don't - that looks like I'm using "Associated Press?" as a phrase.

    I'm so confused. I think I'll just speak my posts from now on and supply the link to the audio file.

    No, wait, I'll have to record them with my iSight... otherwise, I'll not be able to do the "air quotes". "Air quotes." Dammit....
    I used to study Journalism at a college in New York and AP Style Book is a bible for proper writing styles for news stories. Even though I graduated with an Asoociate in Applied Science in Journalism years ago, I still have this Style Book.

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  • Scorch07
    Jan 14, 07:51 PM
    Usually Christmas, but I think I'm a little more excited about Macworld this year, since I'm likely getting a new MBP the same day :)

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  • chrismacguy
    Apr 30, 04:20 AM
    Honestly you'd be better off buying an intel mac mini, even the oldest intel one you could find would be better than the Powermac.

    If you don't want to do that though, choose the Powermac. These things last forever so you won't need to replace the computer for a long time.

    Only if it was an Intel Core 2 Duo based Mac Mini, since it looks like the Intel Core Duo Minis are being left behind with Lion, and they only just about equal most G5s anyway. Personally Id go with either a Core 2 Duo Mini, or a PowerMac G5 Air-Cooled <2.5Ghz I believe... since IIRC the 2.3s pretended to be but werent liquid cooled. Dual PowerPC G5s at 2.0/2.3 Ghz will still have some number crunching power for a while yet.


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  • flosseR
    Mar 20, 06:07 PM
    Right, I have been wondering of getting lenscoats for my lenses (at least the ones that I can get them for), not for camouflage but for actual protection. I have seen them in action and sometime the lenses just take a hit or two and that neoprene neatly takes the hit. They make them in black which is what suits me best. BUT the question is does anyone else use them? Are there alternatives since they are pretty pricey and from the looks not quite 100% fitting.

    Someone also suggested camo form tape which also absorbs the hits, albeit less so, but is a helluva lot cheaper.


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  • Macsavvytech
    May 4, 02:10 AM
    plz brands. going to order tomorrow from my friend.

    4GB (2x2GB) 1333MHz

    MacBook 13" 2008 Unibody. 2.0 GHz C2D. Mac OS X 10.6.7. 160GB Stock 5400RPM.

    will be very appreciated (+ virtual cookie)

    have heard of crucial and OWC... is it good?
    and the ridiculously expensive Corsair RAM

    Crucial and OWC are both very good brands.


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  • sweex
    Oct 14, 06:04 AM
    Damn what a waste of time that article was...

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  • LimeiBook86
    Dec 16, 12:24 AM
    Well the Mac 9600 (the one I borrowed the video card for) won't really boot up and the buyer doesn't need it anymore. I should be fine for now but, if anyone has a card still I'd be interested. :)


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  • brayhite
    May 6, 03:00 PM
    Have any of you tried upgrading (for whatever reason, maybe coming from a 3GS) and been questioned about the unlimited plan? It's still some 14 months away for me but I was just curious what might transpire when I try upgrading and they see I got unlimited data even though I joined AT&T AFTER June.

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  • bousozoku
    Dec 6, 12:38 PM
    All of my browsers regularly freeze on MySpace. I regularly get a "playlist not valid" or some error like that because apparently the WMP 10 has a different format and since WMP9 for Mac was only available months after WMP10 for Windows, it doesn't know anything about the other. :rolleyes: I suppose we should be thankful that we have WMP9 at all.

    Anyway, from my experience you can't get things to work unless you use Windows. Apparently, Tom, the main person in charge uses a PowerBook to work on the site but everything is running on Windows NT 4. At least, I see the error messages for NT 4 once a month.


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  • theipodgod16
    Jun 24, 12:48 AM
    I'll post something once I get in line. Planning on being there early.

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  • MacHamster68
    Mar 2, 08:54 PM
    :) was it not also usable as a computer , if i remember that right it had a logic board of macintosh's from that time with some alterations , but could be used for internet access and OS 8 would run on it , only not meant to be a macintosh , so i guess apple placed it in the wrong market ,instead of selling it as a games console they should have sold it as a macintosh able to be used as a games console could have been a hit :D


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  • mainstreetmark
    Nov 1, 12:51 PM
    Also, this page seems to have a good list of subcategories.


    I also'd like to see a "Freeware", "Commercial", "Shareware" category.

    So, a single software app, like iTunes, could say:

    [[Category: Apple Software]]
    [[Category: Audio]]
    [[Category: Freeware]]

    and Photoshop:

    [[Category: Graphics]]
    [[Category: Commercial Software]]

    (I think the "Third Party" categories are unnecessary. They don't add value to someone searching for information, unless someone's coming along looking for something specifically non-Apple)

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  • GGJstudios
    Apr 21, 12:48 PM
    That doesn't happen for me. The scrolling continues as it should, even during the momentum phase of the scroll.
    That's the way it used to be for me. I don't know when it broke or what might have caused it.


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  • ohcrap
    Sep 29, 08:45 AM
    Shouldn't be too long until it's cancelled.

    What they need to do is bring back Insomniac.
    Damn right!

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  • arkitect
    Mar 3, 09:00 AM
    I may be the only one, but I think that thread titles with repeated question marks (?????) are annoying and unnecessary. It only suggests unnecessary urgency and importance to the thread the poster has written. Therefore I think there should be a rule that states that threads with more than one repeated question mark in the title will be deleted until renamed.
    You're not the only one. I agree with you. :p
    Your solution is a little harsh, yes, but all those repeated question (and exclamation) marks are annoying. :)


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  • kevin2223
    May 4, 12:05 AM
    There is a minor difference - the new iMacs have an ambient light sensor which will provide ideal brightness whether you are in a dark or well-lit environment.

    If you manually set the brightness, does it return? Perhaps the display was set too bright/dim for the conditions?

    From Apple's site: "To conserve power and relieve eyestrain, a built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness on MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac to suit the ambient light of whatever room you�re in."

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  • davegregory
    Mar 23, 06:46 AM
    OS X won't let you boot legacy software without a superdrive. I've tried at least 100 times. It can't be done. Boot Camp will not allow you to install from a USB drive. If you have the ISO of windows 7 just install it in parallels and enjoy.

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  • whocares
    Sep 28, 06:53 PM
    <ignore>Permissions should be 744 I guess (all-read-read), maybe 755.</ignore>

    .htaccess files are inherited. Put one in your root directory, and all directories will be 'protected'. :)
    You may of course over-write the inherited .htaccess parameters for a given directory with a new .htaccess file. In turn, this new file will cascade down to all sub-directories.

    Mar 11, 08:39 PM
    Just as a launch day update, I was literally the last person in line at 4:45pm or so. Security rejected all others behind me. About 30 minutes ago, a little after 6:00pm, they came to the back and told us all models were going to run out for us for today, so the whole back of the line dissolved. :(

    Mar 16, 08:23 AM
    Wow, it's nice of Apple to provide a little explanation there!
    Does this mean they might change the appearance more drastically later, instead of just re-enabling Graphite?

    Apr 19, 01:18 PM
    If I were you i would try to strip memory, or reseat memory on the slot.

    Dec 22, 10:21 PM
    hi i know that my old ibook g3s fw port didnt charge my ipod when it was asleep; my new g4 12 1.33 sez it is charging my ipod but the other day my ipod died when it still had some chartge left. does this mean that its simply dead or it is not in fact being charged while asleep, and only when awake? thankx. ruby, don't take your love to town

    Nov 4, 06:49 PM
    you guys get what i mean...

    you all get drunk together, go out and cuase damage to parked cars. the MR crew.

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