Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • eyelikeart
    Jul 7, 09:16 AM
    yeah...I've been around for 2.5 years this month... :D

    time flies, eh?

    so jef...what are u going to do for your 3rd anniversary? ;)

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  • vniow
    Jul 9, 11:49 PM
    Ooh yeah! (http://www.lowendmac.com/musings/03/0122.html)

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  • MacRumorUser
    Mar 21, 06:04 PM
    Both for me. :)

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  • Reflow
    Apr 29, 06:01 PM
    A client of mine spilled a Diet Coke on her unibody white MacBook.

    What is a unibody white MacBook? It's either white or an unibody. If it's the white one then the kb is very easy to replace, if it's the unibody one you have to almost completely remove everything to replace the top cover. As for the damage it could be and easy fix or a dead logic board. When the spill happened did you remove power and shut it down immediately?


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  • mrgreen4242
    Dec 20, 02:21 PM
    I'm working on a project now that is insalling computers that use a fingerprint reader for user login. It's pretty simple stuff at this point, and works pretty well. (I can't for the life of me remember who makes the software we are using)... Some people's fingers don't work well with it, though. If you worked on a farm at some point, or worked with a lot of hard cleaning chemicals there's a good chance it won't recognize your print.

    I have read some articles that some grocery store chain down south is installing fingerprint readers at the checkout and you can pay for your groceries by registering you print and checking account with the store and then just pressing your finger to the reader. That's it, no paper, no signitures, no cards. Just finger on, here's your reciept.

    I like it. Some privacy advocates don't like it, but I for one am more paranoid about giving out my SSN. If someone wants your print they could get it from the keyboard you type your password/pin in. You can't lose your finger print, or have it stolen (without knowing it's missing right away). These devices are already pretty good at ignoring 'fakes', and I've seen some that have hea sensors to make sure the 'finger' being read is warm enough to be a persons.

    Anyways, in my experience with them they are alright. I would like to have one at home that I could use for my passwords at websites and such. Have my password be a random series of characters and have the reader insert it only after verifying my finger. Would work nice. Same for the ATM... no mor lost cards or trying to keep the guy behind me from seeing my PIN...

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  • G4scott
    May 5, 01:48 PM
    BB seldom has the latest and greatest in their stores until weeks after the introduction.

    Hmm, well how can my local stores have them if it's only been 2 days since the launch? :confused:

    Your best bet is to call around and find out for yourself. You might get lucky!


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  • antdfsc
    Jul 10, 08:33 PM
    Anyone going to the ATT store in Worcester, MA? It is so hard to gauge how many people are going to be there for the launch....

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  • dan-o-mac
    Dec 9, 06:20 PM
    Are you open to any trades? I have a 4GB White Nano that I'm looking to trade.


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  • djejrejk
    Jan 12, 07:50 PM
    What if Apple is launching something like its own nationwide wireless network (wifi, not cell), ties into .mac, iphone, itouch etc? Possibly the technology is easily rolled to other countries and that is part of the reason why the foreign press has been invited.

    Pure speculation on my part. I have no "inside sources" or a deep throat.

    Does Apple own a nationwide wireless network? Im confused. :confused: :eek:

    Just kidding.

    And .mac is still partially broken for Leopard. Hopefully they will announce another .mac upgrade at Macworld.

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  • methodshop
    Jun 3, 09:25 PM
    Would anyone really buy a CD of dot matrix printers making music?

    http://wiredblogs.tripod.com/cultofmac/index.blog?entry_id=328765 :eek:



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  • jpod999
    Mar 20, 01:43 PM
    That looks pretty cool actually.

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  • IrisCaddis
    May 5, 08:17 PM
    Have you tried an SMC reset yet? It sometimes helped me.
    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964)

    Btw, the images don't show up yet.
    How to attach an image to your MR post. (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=11836587#post11836587)

    I will look into that as soon as I have a chance. Not so sure if that will solve the issue ??? Again, the apple help page is long so I need a few min. thanks.


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  • MikeDTyke
    Feb 24, 09:24 AM
    NAS noob question now.
    how do you transfer files between folders and drives etc?

    i think thats whats putting me off is ease of file management

    Ooh thats an interesting question, that you would think simple to answer. NOT!

    So lets say you have the NAS with 4 internal drives and say an external off usb.

    The 4 drives will typically be in an array, so one protected filesystem. Off this you can have one or more network shares using this one filesystem, each can be restricted user/pc access and can have a usage limit set.

    External drives are seperate filesystems so a network share would normally need to be set up to show the contents of the external on the network.

    So we end up with something like:

    Internal 4 drives = Filesystem 1 = Network share 1
    External 1 drive = Filesystem 2 = Network share 2

    So say you had a file on the external and you needed it on Filesystem 1?

    Option1: mount both network shares from your PC and copy from 2 to 1. SlOW
    Option2: SSH onto the NAS (It's just a linux server) and type cp /filesystem2/filename /filesystem1 (Eveything is copied locally on the NAS, you're well l33t now)
    Option3: SSH onto the NAS and create a softlink connecting the external drive as a folder under Filesystem1. ie. ln -s /filesystem2 /filesystem1/External (External drive will appear as a folder under the Network share 1 , now you are super l33t, proceed to IT godlyness)
    Option4: Setup RTRR (real time rsync replication) the qnap NAS' can have jobs set up to replicate between filesystems. (Not as l33t, but everything is duplicated nicely)

    3 Means that everything will appear under 1 big filesystem. 4 means you do it once and then never repeat it. Moving files under 1 or 3 from a pc will result in a lot of network traffic. :cool:

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  • Stelliform
    Sep 12, 09:42 AM
    I don't feel like old School. I joined last october, so I missed all of the historic stuff.

    What do you guys consider old School.

    I consider it members that joined spring 2002 or earlier


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  • stubeeef
    Sep 23, 07:36 PM
    Maybe you should post all your copy on this forum and let everyone do the work for ya.

    Of course with my outstanding spelling and compostition skills, my own personal editor (skunk keeps working on me, to no avail I might add), and grammer check (I think it is on here somewherz), I could just do that my self 4 ya.

    Rotz a Ruck there snapz. :p

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  • Cyberheart
    Mar 15, 06:06 AM
    lolz i must have not seen it :(


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  • opinioncircle
    Dec 25, 11:55 AM

    I second that. And my car.

    Snow and ice together...Last night ride was a fun ride (once I got at my parents' place), though terrible (when I was behind the wheel) :)

    Had to get a snow type truck to get me out of the snow, or that'd have been a stuck-in-the-snow-in-my-car type of Xmas eve.

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  • The Samurai
    Apr 19, 03:36 AM
    I use Muc Off (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nsgHkY3NZs) - works a treat.

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  • thomwilk
    Mar 24, 06:04 PM
    See you guys there!

    Apr 30, 08:17 AM
    But we can't buy it, yet, at Stonebriar. Correct?

    Any idea how many they have in stock?

    Nov 13, 09:14 PM
    you get the ? disk icon when holding down shift key?

    but without shift key it boots normally?

    you may want to let it get to the happy mac icon, then hold down shift

    yeah the happy mac thats what i see no matter when i push the shift key

    Apr 6, 09:08 PM
    Somebody out there on a game specific programming forum should be able to answer this.

    Google tells me Space Invaders came out in 1978, which means there are probably many many people who have done this over the years. While off the top of my head, I can think of a handful (and probably a bit hacky) ways of doing this, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a fairly quick and simple method of accomplishing this.

    As you are using Cocos2d, probably the easiest way in my brain would be to just detect where your "bullet" sprite hits your barrier sprite. Then, using the bitmasking mentioned above, you would replace the collided/destroyed piece of your barrier with the background.


    Found something that outlines this:


    Mar 20, 08:20 PM
    see it did say if i put a game ON it, and this is only a link so i think i'll be fine. it would be absolutely ridiculous if they made me buy a new one for that. thanks for the help.

    May 5, 01:35 PM
    Just called around some more, it seems they have the base 27" iMac for $1615 and in stock in several locations.

    The top stock 27" iMac isn't in stock anywhere near me (Austin, TX), but it is on sale for $1899, and you can order it online.

    I've got my name on a base 27" iMac, and look forward to picking it up after work!

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