Tuesday, May 31, 2011

michael schumacher f1

michael schumacher f1. Michael Schumacher Signed 8X12
  • Michael Schumacher Signed 8X12

  • claud9999
    Aug 3, 11:40 AM

    E-PL1 support finally. :D

    Agreed. I've been using the "Olympus Master 2" software with my E-PL1's RAW files and it's ssssslllllooooowwwww (like 20s to display a pic in 1:1 resolution). Wondering if iPhoto's RAW handling is significantly faster than the Olympus s/w.

    Been holding off on upgrading from iPhoto '08 -> '09 in the hopes that '10 will come out soon....................soon?

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  • aleni
    May 6, 09:06 AM
    one thing in lion that will not get used for me is the launchpad. damn on my 27" ACD it's so big. i remember all of my installed apps and prefer to use spotlight for easy way to launch them.

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  • rainbowboi
    Oct 23, 08:52 AM
    when do you guys think people will start lining up...I'm trying to figure out when I should (if i have to) leave school to get a t-shirt!

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  • iFiend
    May 4, 02:48 PM
    The only person with the source is I0n1c and he was out of the country last update so it took him some time to compile new binaries for the release (if needed).

    This could also be why it's not patched yet - with no access to the source it's harder for Apple to reverse engineer the exploit and discover what they are doing. With a need to get the update out so fast they probably didn't bother. I expect it to be in the next patch though.....

    Thanks for the info. Wouldn't it be great if this was some sort of super hack that Apple can't figure out how to patch?

    I can dream, right? ;)


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  • javiercr
    Sep 21, 11:46 AM
    I have never used a Samsung drive, nor do I know anybody who has. Do they actually make their own? Or do they get drives relabeled from another company?
    I am not 100% sure but I think they make their own, Samsung is actually a brand that makes lots of things that are put inside other people's products, e.g. the memory for the iPod nano.

    I have 2 maxtor drives, one western digital and one samsung, the samsung is the only one that didn't get noiser with time, it is 20Gb and at least 5 years old, it looks identical externaly to the need ones, I guess the new ones should have improvements to make then even quiter and more reliable (i'm guessing).

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  • fleg123
    May 5, 01:51 PM
    Yes, yes, I know that all technology is obsolete the second you take it out of the box, wahwahwah. Heh. Sorry.

    Anyway, I've been using this early 2006 C2D MBP for 5 years now and it's been a great machine. It was my first mac and, other than battery problems, it was a fantastic experience that has driven me to purchase apple again.

    These new iMacs look fantastic and I'm pretty sure I want to get a 27inch model. My question is regarding how best to ensure I get 5-6 years of great performance out of the computer, hardware-wise.

    Money isn't really an issue, but obviously I don't want to spend more than I have to.

    1) Is the i7 worth it over the i5? I game, use photoshop, handbrake and the occasional final cut/video editing project. I've been seeing hellhammer give "evidence" that the i7 actually can perform worse for gaming (of course, not by much). Will this be true in 3 years (yeah, I know no one can predict the future, just asking for best educated guesses from the experts)? For instance, will we likely be seeing more games make use of hyperthreading?

    2) 1gb vs 2gb vram. I've noticed a lot of people talking about the fact that the 6790m isn't powerful enough to actually ever need 2gb of vram. Is this something that is true right now but could change over time? I don't know the tech details of why 2gb can't really be used, so I don't know if this is something that is the result of the way current software uses the gpu or if 2gb will never, ever be useful on the 6790m.

    Hmm, I think those are my two biggest questions. Sorry for the wall-o-text. Just looking for advice on how to get the most longevity out of the system without being uninformed and just buying the top of the line across the board.



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  • theSeb
    Apr 27, 04:26 PM
    Just so you know there are no military applications that benefit from this.

    Where is the laugh out loud smiley?

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  • Michael Schumacher, Ferrari

  • iBlue
    Jan 15, 07:44 AM
    yeah ok, I had a massive brain fart. many pardons.


    michael schumacher f1. Schumacher#39;s F1 return proving
  • Schumacher#39;s F1 return proving

  • mikey.f
    Oct 26, 11:04 PM
    I really liked they actually asked what size we wanted the tee :cool:

    michael schumacher f1. michael schumacher ferrari f1
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  • Ommid
    Apr 23, 03:44 PM
    Agree 100%.

    Love this, it is called NoLock screen though, no lock is different


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  • wordoflife
    Apr 6, 08:08 PM
    So that's where Apple got their website idea from. Hmm.

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  • ale
    Jul 4, 08:43 AM
    everyone hates spymac, but the same people continue to use it. :confused:

    makes no sense to me.


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  • mcarvin
    Mar 11, 03:42 PM
    60-70 in line

    my ETA would be about 4:50 or so. How's the line look?

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  • Dr. Dastardly
    Sep 27, 11:25 PM
    I'm in the market for a 1 gig stick for my 800mhz iBook G4 but I can't find crucial offering any for the iBook. I'm sure they have some somewhere but I want to make sure they guarantee it.

    Send me a link maybe?


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  • gadgetmonster
    Mar 5, 01:00 PM

    michael schumacher f1. Michael Schumacher
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  • Nameci
    Apr 19, 01:18 PM
    If I were you i would try to strip memory, or reseat memory on the slot.


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  • Focus: Michael Schumacher, who

  • 18thTomorrow
    Apr 28, 10:25 AM
    Ever since I was 7 years old, my family had PC's, so that's what I grew up with. (I know, it's so sad...) Then, about two years ago I was looking to buy a computer of my own, to use for school projects and stuff. A friend of our family who works in the IT dept of one of the colleges in our town volunteered to keep his eyes open for a good used computer--the college often sells its old machines. One night he called me up and asked, "How would you feel about getting a Mac instead of a pc?" He went on to tell me all about this amazing deal he had found on a 300 MHZ B&W G3 that the art department was selling. I was skeptical, but he assured me that it would do everything I needed--write papers, run photoshop E & Dreamweaver, e-mail, etc. After I got off the phone, I went to a couple of switch websites and read up on Macs. The next morning I called him up and said, "It's a deal!"
    That afternoon he delivered my new machine to my doorstep. It came with the original keyboard and hockey-puck mouse, 17" monitor, and OS 9.2 and all of this for a mere $150. I've been in love ever since. ;) My dad is still a staunch PC advocate and we have a continual family dispute. Last fall when our Pentium II bit the dust I tried so hard to convince him to get a G4, but he wouldn't hear of it...bought a dell instead...
    Anyhoo, I'm hooked and hopefully I'll NEVER own a PC again. I'm buying an iBook next month. When I'm forced to use Windows and program in VB at school, I practically go insane...
    Macs rule!

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  • RosieO
    Oct 21, 02:10 PM
    The Apple Store here is closing from 4-6 to get ready for the Leopard release. I can't see what they need 2 hours to get ready for.:confused:

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  • miketcool
    Dec 10, 05:47 PM
    What's so wrong with filtering search results by language? If you're a chinese business person living in New York, would have to go to the localized app store to find a chinese language app?

    Apr 29, 10:20 AM
    Very simple mac is great for music if you have a lot of cds and rip them with apple lossless to iTunes.

    Doctor Q
    Oct 28, 12:05 AM
    We got T-shirts as we came in, so no purchase was necessary. I wonder what they do with the leftover T-shirts if a store doesn't use them all up?

    Oct 12, 08:38 PM
    If any of you guys are in Canada A&B sound is awesome.
    Super cheap prices on media.

    Nov 10, 03:50 PM
    It wouldn't be so bad if their core content was good once you got through the garbage. But their rumors have always been iffy, and as edesignuk says, the gallery has always been slower than watching the grass grow. Maybe they'll take all this ad revenue and buy a newer server. I've got a PM 9500 I'm not using - I'll bet its 200MHz 604e would be a huge upgrade over their current Quadra 650. (Oh wait, maybe they're still using that IIcx they got at the yard sale last year)

    Feb 4, 02:36 PM
    Why not just use Migration Assistant? I used that to transition my wife from an old PowerBook G4 to a MacMini and it was really simple. There were a few quirks since the other was such an old computer using a PowerPC chip, but it made the whole process really simple. I'm now kicking myself for not doing that when I bought my MacPro back in 2009.

    Noticed that when I booted up and then I saw your post. Excellent recommendations. I used the migration assistant and everything is transferring now.

    Thanks again to you both. =D

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