Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Blue Velvet
    Dec 31, 10:44 AM

    Just joking...

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  • RLUK
    Jun 23, 12:17 PM
    Has anyone asked how many handsets o2 have?

    I asked today but they wouldn't say. They did say they would have both 16&32 gb models though. I'm hoping it'll just be us three in the queue, that way we'll all leave the store happy!

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  • Zermelo
    May 6, 11:31 AM
    How is this thread ridiculous? Is someone on here already tried any of those and it didn't work or did work. Perhaps they can share with us. Nothing ridiculous about it.
    And you see, i got the answers for the replies above

    The thread is ridiculous because this question is asked almost everyday on the forum. All you had to do is a small amount of searching and there would have been no need for this thread.

    There is only a small amount of hackers working on the iPad 2 jailbreak, if and when it comes out it will be big news on a forum like this. While apparently the moderators and administrators don't mind posts like this, they do get somewhat tiresome since the information you're looking for is less than a minute away with the use of the search button or reading top threads.

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  • Xgm541
    May 4, 07:19 PM
    Oh okay I'm nowhere near that.

    Thank you!!


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  • Bob_Barker
    Oct 2, 10:31 AM
    I just got my iPhone replaced under warranty. As per Apple's new policy, the Genuis updated the replacement phone to 1.1.1, rendering it less useful to me.

    The iPhone comes with the original box and accessories, along with the documentation from the replacement (for warranty purposes).

    I'm interested in trading for a 16GB iPod touch, or possibly selling outright.


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  • zimv20
    Mar 25, 03:22 PM
    though my production is down as of late, i'm still the #6 folder on team 3446.


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    Dec 2, 09:51 PM
    I would really like to get that price. I have never sold anything on eBay. How easy is it?

    If you sell something on eBay, make sure to include nice, high resolution photos showing the computer and accessories from all different angles. People like pictures.

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  • SMM
    Sep 28, 08:10 PM
    Yes and how about a name for it: "iCheat"

    Sorry to hear that my man, but recognizing a problem is half-way to curing it.


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  • v66jack
    Mar 18, 06:54 PM
    I considering heading to covent garden, but for me depends on whether we get pre-orders for delivery on Friday. If not then the weather. If its raining, I'll just go to my local store I think. Its inside a shopping center, so wont get wet. :)

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  • karsten
    Feb 10, 12:32 AM
    i think that shows a retina display


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  • retasi
    Dec 22, 04:24 PM
    Great stuff.

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  • nomar383
    Jun 23, 03:17 PM
    One PM sent, but I am also interested in the airport card, how much?


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  • Shaan
    Jun 10, 09:43 PM
    I don't think they will let you have the iPhone 3G S until 8am because that's what it says on Apple website. For 5th avenue store it is different, but for stores in malls are they going to change the mall hours to accommodate lines forming or will people only be allowed in at 8am? My mall doesn't open until later than 8am on Friday, does this mean my Apple Store won't be participating in the 8am opening and will simply open when the mall does?


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  • dsharits
    Feb 9, 01:11 PM
    It does have the US $ price. Click on the dollar sign at the top.



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  • mbl42
    Dec 15, 11:33 PM
    I'm also interested in some RAM if you decide to part it out. :)

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  • abhishekit
    Jan 10, 07:35 PM
    yeah, it's not working for my firefox 1.0, either.

    yah its it ctrl+pageup or ctrl+fn+pageup..

    does anyone know how to change the option+link combination to open something in a new tab (in firefox), to cmd+link , as in safari?



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  • mkruck
    Mar 11, 04:12 PM
    Cool story brah

    Yeah, it actually is a cool story, brah. :cool:

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  • AirmanPika
    Jan 16, 09:00 PM
    OK we know apple supposedly has some kind of super secret planned for the Final Cut meet thats supposed to begin in a few minutes...

    Now, I'm going to make my own personal leap of logic here based on rumblings over the last few weeks.

    Touch screen tablet, newton 2, multitouch tablet.

    Now here we have final cut.

    Even though the product isn't exactly geared towards just that I can almost see some kind of Wacom Cintiq apple device. Multitouch gestures, pen input for graphics editing, tablet format. Basicly a handheld multimedia editing platform for pros. Maybe would need to link to a Mac Pro as it won't itself be able to process the graphics of an HD Video or something similarly intensive.

    Yea I know my head is in the clouds but it would be a fun toy.

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  • celebi23
    Oct 16, 05:04 PM

    Might as well kick this subforum off with a bang. :p So, who here is going to the West Farms Mall Apple Store for the Launch Party? :cool:

    Countess Psy
    Oct 28, 04:43 AM
    I love it. Good job! ;)

    Mar 3, 11:22 AM
    Never hurts to drop off your resume to one of the store's managers. Ask for the "Store Leader" though as that is the main store manager and usually has the final say about the hiring.

    Do the Apple stores accept applications like that anymore?

    Dec 20, 05:14 PM
    The Nikon line, with digital ICE (as mentioned above) are a very capable line. I have the earlier Coolscan 4000, with the optional (but critical) scan feeder. It costs more, but when scanning thousands of images it was well worth it.

    I believe the new Coolscan 5000 line is both improved and cheaper, so I'd look into that if you have a large quantity of images to scan.

    My feeder (I believe they've modified the current feeder) needed a few modifications (searchable via google) to work with thinner cardboard mounts, but once done it worked fairly well. Plastic mounts were never a problem. Of course one had the odd jam, and all images still needed the normal digital darkroom work in Photoshop. But that's standard for every image.

    Edit - Just saw your "25,000 images to scan". Be sure to get scanning ASAP - I find that my limit is about 100 per day, allowing time for each image in photoshop.

    If I was you, i'd be more selective and only scan the images you were at least considering printing

    Apr 3, 04:57 PM
    I recently bought a MacBook Pro, having used PC for the past 10 years. I have a 500gb WD external hard drive with all my pictures and music from my old microsoft laptop. When I access the hard drive on my new mac I can see all the old pictures and music but then cannot add any new files. I have read up and now realise this is not possible because of the formatting of the hard drive. I just wanted to know what my next options are.
    Is there a way to reformat the hard drive without losing all of my songs and pictures? And then combine both PC pictures and songs with the new songs on my Mac? Or do I have to buy another hard drive and keep the PC and mac files separate?

    If you have any advice or recommendations they would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

    Apr 30, 08:38 AM
    Mysql is the database language and PHP is the server side programming language that is most commonly used to interface the html form to the database. If you want to learn that just get a book like one of the Visual Quickstart Guides by Larry Ullman for Mysql & PHP. There are many books like this and online tutorials as well. Be prepared to spend some time on this if that's the direction your headed.

    You should also get a local server set up on your computer. MAMP for Mac or WAMP for Windows. They are free and give you a easy way to develop dynamic web sites without having a hosting account. Later you can move the site to a live web host.

    The other option is to use something like Wordpress where you can host for free and use one of the Form plugin's to make your form and store the results without having to know the code to make it happen.

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